Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've been HONORED!!

Barb over at Grits and Glamour and KD over at Southern Whimsy have BOTH bestowed upon me this most precious award. I am such a doofus that I didn't realize that Barb had passed it to me the other night(Sorry Barb!) I can't tell you how touched I am to receive this. After all, us mamas need all the reassurance we can get. Especially on the days when we feel we are doing a less than stellar job! Sometimes we forget that our kids will make mistakes and screw up and it is not a reflection of our parenting but part of their journey. Isn't it difficult to remind ourselves that our identity is not theirs? To learn something valuable we must make the mistake that will carry us forward. But as loving mothers it is hard to stand by and watch them go through this growth.
Thank You Barb and KD for giving this to me just when I needed it!

Now it is my GREAT honor to pass this along to those whom I think by the looks of their blogs have a great time with their children. Love and enjoy them. Exhibit unconditionally the qualities of motherhood.

First, I would like to forward this award to Kori, over at This is the Life of the Bates Family. You can tell her kids are just the highlight of her life! I am very lucky to have her as one of my "blog buddies"!

And my second award goes to Susan Brewer at Standing on Faith. Susan has been through such a horrible loss, but through it all, she has been the best Mama that I've ever known! You deserve this award more than anyone!
I love you Susan!

"This is an award for being a wonderful Mom
You do fantastic work
Be proud of your accomplishments!"


  1. Thank you so much Robin!!! This means alot to me...If you are ever in Oregon, give me a call!

  2. Girl, don't you worry! I for sure will! And, if you are ever in Alabama, you must give me a call too! Anybody in your family a Nascar fan?

  3. no one is a Nascar fan...we suck around here...LOL

  4. LOL! I just said that because we are near Talladega. LOL!

  5. Hey you! Please don't apologize, I can't remember if I even got by here and TOLD you that I had given you the award. LOL I am the DUFUS!!! LOL BTW, I just visited Susan Brewer's site and I agree, what wonderful, wonderful people! I am going to post little Allie's pic on my blog, too. It was an incredibly moving story. Hope the snot truck didn't leave too many tire tracks across your rump. Ha! Damn snot truck drivers! Have a great week - don't let the work demons get you. Hugs, Barb

  6. Barb, you are so sweet! I know Susan and Michael will appreciate it so much! They added a slideshow to their website, it is just so sweet.
    I think all my buddies are beating down the snot truck....Hopefully you will have a great work week, too!

  7. you're near dega??? woo hoo!! lucky girl! :D as you can see.. i AM a nascar fanatic!!

    congrats on the award!!


  8. Oh yes Tracie! 10-15 minutes from the track entrance (in non-raceday traffic)! Let me know if you ever come down!


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