Monday, February 16, 2009

Stupid Girl Scouts....

And I DID NOT just realize I ate the whole box all by myself!


  1. MUAHHH HAAA HAAA!!!!!!!! My girls use to be Girl Scouts! We had this couple that would buy them by the cases so it would last them all year long. Just so you, it really SUCKS to sell those at the stores, so that can be your little secret happiness. LOL :0)

  2. SOS! Please send rescue cookies. LOL
    (in my best Homer Simpson voice) mmmmm....coookies!

  3. I hope you realize that I don't think girl scouts are stupid.....I was just trying to be!

    Barb,what kind you want. I will send whatever you want, as long as it's not my tag-a-longs... ;)

  4. oh like i needed to crave anything else..besides my little shortcakes!! thanks alot! LOL

  5. And you are funny! I knew exactly what you meant. I came out of Walgreen's the other night and a little girl (she was actually a brownie helping her big sis) said "Ma'm would you like to buy a box of Thin Mints?" I said yes, that's exactly what I wanted to buy, how did you know? She very sweetly put her little hands on her hips and said "Oh, you just look like a thin mints kind of gal" I thought I would die laughing, her mom looked like she was going to have a stroke right there and I'll tell you I would have bought every thing that cutie pie was selling if I'd had the money! Kathy

  6. Tracie...Little Debbie is still a little witch! ;)

    Kathy, that is such a cute story!! I would have had to buy everything she had!

  7. I always get a case of thin mints and freeze them. Love those Girl Scouts! By the way, who doesn't eat the entire box at a time, LOL

  8. Is it unusual to eat an entire box of Girl Scout cookies? I thought it was expected....after all, it is a fundraiser.

  9. i just think it's comforting that we're not alone in eating a whole box... maybe they just need to make bigger boxes.. so we can feel better about ourselves! hehe and i loved the story of the the little girl selling thin mints.. just too funny!

    thanks for the encouragement, robin! it's nice you could see through the clutter.. hehe i am very near launching the business.. so you'll see it soon! :)


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