Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day and A Huge Prayer Request

Happy Valentine's Day to my handful of faithful readers! (and to anyone else who may just stop on by)

I thought I would share a few pictures of our Valentine's Day, but first, a little backstory. For years, we have always bought tons of "junk" for the kiddo's for Valentine's Day. Cards, candy, stuffed animals, etc.....typical cutesy stuff. It's great for about 5 minutes, then it is off to the bottom of the toy box until the next clean-out day. This year, we decided to forego all the cutesy stuff, and get the kiddos some things that they REALLY wanted.
We made the decision on January 1st that we were not buying ANYTHING for our children that wasn't absolutely needed. So, that means no more toys, no more clothes, no more last-minute, in the check-out line stuff, no more junk...PERIOD!! We started a STRICT allowance program, that is based on attitude, behavior, and helpfulness at home AND at school. 10% of their allowance goes to God, 50% goes into savings, and the remaining 40% goes into their spend account. The kids are free to spend this money however they want. They can spend it each week as they get it, or they can save it up to buy something big.
This is no problem for Chelsea. She really is just about the perfect child. She never asks for anything and doesn't have a mean bone in her whole body. Jameson, on the other hand, has gone into this kicking and screaming had a VERY difficult time adjusting.
He has been used to getting some kind of toy just about every time we walk out the door. We have also had to work on getting him to actually SAVE some of his "spend" money, so he can get some of the larger toys he's been wanting. Of course, that is if he actually even GETS an allowance for that week. He has just figured out that he still has to behave in school to get his allowance. Since January 1st, I think he finally has about $12.00 in his spend cup (and that's counting his $5.00 windfall from the Tooth Fairy). He's only months and months weeks away from that Optimus Prime he's been wanting....I just know it!

When I asked Chelsea for just one thing that she would love to have, she said "Pictures of James Marsden". (remember THIS post?) Then, she suddenly decided that Conversation Hearts are the BEST candy, that is what we got her.

Jameson was so good this morning. Even though his sister had already gotten her gifts, he never said anything. He just sat there patiently waiting....

He didn't realize that his gifts had already been set up on the kitchen table....

(BTW, the tulips in the background are MY Valentine's Day gift)

Finally, we had to point him in the direction of the table and he was thrilled!

He was so excited, he actually CLEANED UP HIS TOYS in the living room before he opened his gifts!!
Maybe this allowance thing is working out!

Now, to a more serious matter. I am asking all of you readers who do pray, to pray an extra prayer today for my dear friends Michael and Susan Brewer. They are the most precious family that I wrote about here exactly one month ago today. Susan and Michael are really having a tough time today, on the one month anniversary of their little girl Allie's death.

Little Miss Allie was born with Trisomy 13 , and wasn't expected to live more than a few hours. We were all blessed to have her with us for almost five whole months. For a most incredible display of strength and faith, go to their blog, Standing on Faith.
As a mom who has lost two little angels, I know how they are feeling right now. The next days, weeks, months and years are going to be an uphill battle. Any prayers would be much appreciated!

I hope you all have a most FANTASTIC and ROMANTIC day!


  1. you got it girl! lots of prayers going up...

    and cute post about the kiddos.. i think that the whole allowance thing is so much more difficult on us parents, than on the kids! we're the ones who have to deal with the downfall of the differences of children in the same family! lol
    sometimes i STILL wonder.. how in the world all 3 of mine came from the two of us! ;)

  2. That is great about what you guys are doing with the kids...It can be a hard time adjusting. My kids had a hard time when I changed things up.
    I bet your daughter is in 7th heaven with those pictures!!! OH and your son...he looks so happy!!! Boys and their toys :0)

    I will DEFINITELY keep your friends in my prayers.

  3. Kuddos to you for wonderful parenting! I believe that delayed gratification is a good lesson to learn early in life and will carry into the teens, twenties and forever.

    I hold up the Brewer family in prayer as they move forward from their loss. I'm so sorry.

  4. I know what you mean about the kicking and screaming thing. Cole had a sweet little episode last nite at the grocery store b/c of that darn candy rack by the checkout which happens to be eye level for him. He wanted M&M's and he had just had a huge party at school with lots of sweets. Grammy said teh wrong word..."no." It was not pretty. LOL

    I will definitely say a prayer for the Brewers. I was very touched by their story. I have meant to put up the swete little girls pic and had forgotten, so I need to do that asap. What a touching story and an inspiring family.

    Lovely tulips, BTW.

    Hugs, Barb

  5. THANKS YA'LL!! You are all just so special to me!

  6. Hi Robin. Good job with the kiddos, delayed gratification is not a bad thing and they need to learn it early. But it's not a pretty sight while they are learning it! Your kids are adorable, and they look pleased as punch about their surprises. Will definitely add the Brewers to our prayers, my heart breaks for them as they struggle through this. Kathy

  7. How sad! Love your Valentine's gift! They are my favorite flowers & your kiddos look happy too!

  8. oh robin.. your comment just cracked me up! thank you for that :D i was so frustrated today, as that race SHOULD have been his.. but alas, i've made peace with it.. and i'm happy he got a good finish. thanks for being so gracious my friend!

  9. tardevil, WELCOME and thanks for visiting my itty-bitty blog! Come back soon and often!

    Kathy, you are so sweet! Thank you!

    Tracie....hey, a top 5 finish is better than a 41st place finish (my guy) any day! lol!

  10. YOUR guy finished 40th my dear. Every position counts, even if it's gained riding around under caution, LOL. As for the new house rules, good luck. It's a great idea. BUT, Jameson will one day realize that Chelsea was "spoiled" longer than he was and will be sure to say "you always did like her best." ROFLMAO (I know that from experience). The Brewers remain in my prayers.

  11. I missed the end of the race, so I didn't remember if he finished 40th or 41st (at the time I posted this) Thank you for correcting me Mama Kathy! lol


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