Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What did I do before DVR???

D.V.R., or Digital Video Recorder; something that 10 years ago, I'd never heard of, thought of, or even dreamed of. Today, I am completely, mind-numbingly, hysterically, obsessed with it I don't think I can live without it! I mean, what did I do before being able to "Pause", "Fast-forward" and "Rewind" live television? Oh, and don't even get me started on "Record".

OK, now I've got myself started on "Record"....so I must continue.....

Recording television is nothing new.
The VCR has been around for a LONG time.

Since I was a teenager, at least.

I remember having one of those HUGE VCR's sitting on top of our giant console television.

You know the one's, where the the television set was about 5 foot wide,
but the screen was about 12 inches.
There were about 5 VCR tapes available at our local quick-rip,
and all but one, were B-grade, rated "R", Horror flicks.
I guess that's why I am completely obsessed with B-grade horror movies today...
(but that my friends is another story for another day)

My mom was thrilled to death to get this beauty. For the first time, she could "Tape" General Hospital while she was at work.


Now, she never took the time to actually figure out how to set the timer,
so she would fly home for lunch, jam the tape into the VCR and mash press "record".

I won't even tell you how excited she was on the day
she found 10 hour tapes.
That way, she could actually start recording before she left for work,
and not have to break the sound barrier getting home for lunch.

But I digress.....

I never set out to become a DVR junkie. I sort-of fell into the old digital recording completely by accident. You see, I wanted to surprise my dear, sweet husband with a super-romantic Valentine's Day gift:


He was THRILLED!!! However, there was a catch; the only way to get SPEED VISION (as it was called at the time, now just SPEED) was to sign up for "Digital Cable", which meant getting the DVR.I didn't think I would ever use it, but anything to make Hottie Hubby happy!

Fast Forward 5 years later......I am HOOKED, HOOKED, HOOKED!!
I would give up shaving my legs garbage pickup before I would
give up my DVR....and that is saying a LOT!
I have become SO used to it, I find myself trying to "rewind" my preacher morning radio show (shout-out to Rick and Bubba "HAAAAAYYYYY").
Being able to got to the potty ANY TIME, and not missing one
single second of "Destroyed in Seconds"..... SWOON

The BEST part about DVR is being able to record anything and
everything, by just hitting a button.
You wanna record a good Nascar accident...."BEEP".....it's done.
You want to record "Lost" while "American Idol" is on...."BEEP"....DONE!
How sweet is that? Ohhhhh, and being able to "FAST FORWARD" through every stinking commercial during a show is HEAVEN!!!

(That's the sound of Angels singing)

How did I ever watch television before DVR?

You can also set the DVR to record EVERY SINGLE TIME your
favorite show comes on.....even if you don't know it's coming on.
So what if it comes on at 1:00 AM,
Mr. DVR is awake and remembers for you.
Nothing like checking your DVR menu and seeing
"1000 Ways to Die"
just waiting for you to watch!

Now, the main reason for this post.
(I know, I know....short story, made LOOOOOONG!)
I noticed today, I have many unusual shows saved in my
"Series Recording" menu.

For instance:

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team

In this series, CMT will bring you the inside story of selecting this year's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad with all the emotion and drama as thousands of women hope to fill the 36-member team. It is an intense, grueling four-month process that begins in April as thousands of hopefuls descend on historic Texas stadium for the open calls and ends in August as the final team greets the players at the first preseason home game in front of 50,000 fans.

I mean, what's NOT to LOVE about this show?

Then, there is:

The Pussycat Dolls present: GIRLICIOUS

The CW's new music/reality series, Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for The Next Doll, is a behind-the-scenes look at the process of selecting a beautiful and talented singer/dancer who has what it takes to join one of the world's most successful performing and recording acts. Out of the thousands of gifted hopefuls who audition, only one young woman will make it through the challenges and undergo a total transformation to win her place in the spotlight as the newest member of the Pussycat Dolls.

I sure hope nobody from my Church sees that....EEEKKKKK

Then, I have two similar shows, but completely different:

Little Miss Perfect and Toddlers & Tiaras

On any given weekend, on stages across the country, little girls and boys parade around wearing makeup, false eyelashes, spray tans and fake hair to be judged on their beauty, personality and costumes. Toddlers and Tiaras follows families on their quest for sparkly crowns, big titles, and lots of cash. The preparation is intense as it gets down to the final week before the pageant. From hair and nail appointments, to finishing touches on gowns and suits, to numerous coaching sessions or rehearsals, each child preps for their performance. But once at the pageant, it's all up to the judges and drama ensues when every parent wants to prove that their child is beautiful.

I have NO idea why I love this kind of show so much.....but I am completely mesmorized by these little girls, dressed up like little prostitutes women and dancing around in front of judges. (Please, just kidding, no throwing things, please!)

And my secret, dirty little obsession:


I LOVE me some Donald Trump!!!


Ok folks, now here is my question to you......what guilty pleasures do you have on your DVR, TiVO, or VCR?

I'm off to look for some more 10 hour VCR tapes for my mom....now my Daughter is addicted to General Hospital!


  1. Too funny!! And, I have no clue what it was called, but before the VCR there was this disk thing -- Momma would rent it and we'd watch Grease on the weekend. And oh, the VHS memories!!

    My guilty DVR pleasures are:
    - Hannah Montana (no, we do not have youngins')
    - Real Housewives NY
    - Jon & Kate Plus 8
    - One Tree Hill
    - WifeSwap
    - Nanny 911
    -...and all sporting events we *may* miss

    What did we do before the digital wonder?!

  2. American Idol for me.

    I remember when my mom and dad first got a VCR. Mother programmed it to record her soap opera. Every time the power went out, she would call me so I could walk her through re-programming it.

  3. I can not stop laughing!!! I went to my firends house this weekend and OH MY GOSH!!!! She had that...I was in HEAVEN...I had no clue that is was so wonderful. If my hubby had any idea what he was missing, he would jump at the chance to get it. By the way, I noticed that you have alot of followers now...YEA!!!!!!!!

  4. LOL, girl, you are so funny! We do not have DVR because I just think I could not handle it responsibly! Dallas Cheerleader Auditions is one of my guily pleasures. And, I like to watch Toddlers & Tiaras and Little Miss Perfect (I feel so much better about myself when I see the dysfunctional overload on these shows. Repent, repent). My husband just rolls his eyes when I watch these shows...

  5. We want to build a cabin (probably from a kit) so I doubt it will be turn key :(. We completly gutted and remodeled this house, so we have had our fill of home stuff for a little while. I just wish stuff would come together. If the contract is signed we are technically homeless!! EEEKK!

  6. Oh yeah, that toddlers and tiaras is strangely addictive. I think I watch in awe of those INSANE mothers. I try to never turn it on because when I do I get sucked in my the madness they put those girls through. Spray on tan and shaving a toddler!?!?! So many moms living out their fantasies through their children! I have only seen one mom that said when her daughter said she wasn't having fun anymore they would stop. Have fun with your "guilty" pleasures!

  7. Oh, I love those DVR's. We have a hospital managers meeting on Wednesday nights and I never have to miss American Idol again lol! My DH won't let me watch toddlers and tiaras because he's afraid I'll throw something through the TV. And I probably would. Or there would be a cloud of blankety blanks floating above our house, or .... well you get the picture. Kathy

  8. We're still in the stone age because we have no dvr. I also have actually never seen a dvr in person so please answer this question I've always had...How in the world do you fast forward live television?? If its live...ya know...its live! I'll go back to my cave and beat on Lance with my club now.

  9. Oh and also...if I was allergic to chicken poop, I'd be dead by now!! haha.

  10. Steph....you can only "fast forward" if you have had it paused or taped before. What I like to do is start taping something (say....the race), leave and go do something (laundry, dishes, eat...) and then come back and watch it. That way....I can ZOOOM through all the commercials (and through DW) It's much like a VCR (I know you know what that is...lol), except you can pause and rewind without it being recorded.
    Do they even offer digital cable way out there in the boonies??? HA!

    Make sure you video beating Lance...that would be so much fun to watch at the next family get together!

    Well, you must be allergic to Lance then....no more kissy-kissy for you, then. So sorry.

  11. thanks Robin!! i did get your message before we left..hehe appreciate the warning about the cops. we knew it's race wknd there..dang it! wouldn't you just know it.. and we can't go :(
    that's ok.. we'll hit one this year!!
    stay tuned to my blog for updates on the adventure! :D

  12. Tracie....I can't wait!! HAVE FUN!!

  13. Seems we are always last to join the fun! We have never had a DVR, but some next Wednesday when we get out direct tv installed, we will be the proud owners, or I guess renters? of a dvr, I may be asking you how to use it since you are the resident expert, thanks for a fun blog to read! sue

  14. Sure Sue....I'll help you if I can! Just a warning, though...it is VERY addictive! LOL!



  15. Oh I do wish I really knew how to use ours. I try and sometimes it works just fine and then not. Anyway, they are great if they work. Thanks for stopping by and your gracious comments on my Ent. center redo. I so appreciate it. Hugs, Marty

  16. Laura - aka NavyWife1993March 5, 2009 at 5:44 PM

    Oh, I LOVE the dvr! We have 2 of them, and I love setting up series records on my fav shows (OTH, Heroes, Lost, Chuck). I love love love the fact that you can hit record at the end of a show and it record the entire thing

  17. Goodness gracious, like I don't have enough obsessions! :) Please feed me one more thing for my already addictive personality to need, no uh want, yeah, want.

  18. Nope, no cable out here!! Along with no fast internet and not much of a cell phone signal! lol

  19. where are you? we miss you around here....lol..silvia..

  20. Sorry Silvia.....I'm having writer's block!! Or blogger's block...whatever it's called! LOL!


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