Monday, March 23, 2009

Diggin' in the dirt!

Well, Spring is here and we have decided to try our hand at growing some vegetables this year. Two weeks ago, the boys decided they just couldn't wait, and decided to plant the seeds (indoors).

We assumed it would take at least a week or two before we saw any progress, but boy were we wrong!

Within 4 days of planting the vegetable seeds, we had sprouts! The flower seeds began to sprout in 2 days!


We were NOT prepared!

So, work quickly began on our new garden spot.

Our yard is not the ideal place to have a garden (or grass, or flowers, or trees...). It is nothing but Alabama red clay, with all the top soil scraped right off the top of it. But my dear, sweet hubby has faith that he will somehow manage to make actual food grow!

He started by buying some supplies. Thank goodness he had a lot of help unloading everything!

Next, he layed everything out, and started putting the frames together. Again, I know he was so thankful that he had a lot of help!

Then came the really hard part....tilling up that Alabama red clay with a 1978 model tiller that Marty had to completely rebuild this weekend! Unfortunatly, his muscle was back at school today, so he had to do that part all by himself. It took him about 5 solid hours to get the little area "like he liked it".

Next came dirt. This is where the extra muscles really came in handy! Thankfully, by this time, he was home from school.

ALL DONE! Aren't they purdy?

(Yes, we know that's not enough dirt.....we need about 100 more bags to even make a dent in our little garden spot. It would be quicker to just get a load delivered, but we are trying to do this on as little of budget as possible. We will add more this week)

Now we just have to wait for time off and for the weather to cooperate and

I sure hope our beans will wait on us!

In other news.......

I may have redeemed myself on the cake-making front.....


It actually came out in ONE piece! Oh, you notice my spiffy new pot holder?(you remember, to replace the crappy one I had when I burnt my hand) I got it at ROSS, of course!

OK, now on to more serious matters.

I am asking for prayer requests for two families tonight.

The first request is for MckMama and baby Stellan from "My Charming Kids" . Little Stellan is having some unexpected, very serious heart problems. His prognosis is unknown at this time.

The next request is for the family of my first cousin, Suzette. Her youngest daughter, Kelsey, was killed in an auto accident yesterday. She was only 17 years old. Her funeral is tomorrow. Of course, this is just a devastating loss for the entire family!

And in closing.....

It's been 20 days.......


  1. Oh, Robin, I'm so sorry for the loss of your tragic. I have a 17 year old daughter and I just can't imagine.....
    The garden plots are looking great, and that boy and his dog are mighty handsome!


  2. omg robin i'm very sorry to hear that, and only 17 years old,so devastating..
    p/s just noticed i wasnt "following you",just did.hope you dont mind..i'll be thinking about you tomorrow...xx..silvia.

  3. did you get him a dog already???lol..xx silvia.

  4. That's the neighborhood dog....She has an owner, but she's ALWAYS at our house....every single day. I say we just keep HER as a pet, that way Jameson gets the fun of a pet, but without all the other!

  5. I will be praying for your family and friend...That is the kind of garden that I want...I am so proud of Jameson. Thank you for your comment too Robin.

  6. I'm so sorry for your families loss. I know this is devastating for them. Will keep both families in my prayers. Your garden is going to be lovely, and little Jameson must really want that dog lol!Kathy

  7. Know what would make that garden grow?? Chicken Poop! (The real stuff, not the lip balm, lol). We have plenty if you need some! :)

  8. so very sorry to hear of your family's tragedy.. just breaks my heart. what a devastating loss. you know you all will be in my prayers.

    garden looks great & i'm sure it will provide hours of fun and lots of yummy goodness!

    soooooo proud of Jameson!!

  9. Ohhhhhh Stephanie....seriously how much do you charge for the poop? We need some BAD!!

  10. How much poop do you need?? (this is a strange conversation, haha)

  11. Hi
    ive stepped up and helping Barb,
    with Whats on your wall Wed.
    its not to late to join!!

  12. oh robin i'm glad you stopped by,i was thinking about you really,hope your week is going good...thanks eh...silvia.

  13. So sorry for your family's loss. Very heartbreaking.

    Your son & his little puppy are adorable!

  14. First, I am so terribly sorry to hear about your family's loss. May God helpyour family deal with this tragic loss.
    Second, Marty could have saved imself a lot of back breaking work if you used raised beds for your garden (sorry I'm a little late with THAT tip, LOL)
    Third, WHEN Jameson goes to select a dog (and it looks like he will), forget about the purebreds, save a mutt.

  15. Oh yeah, fourth, the cake looks DELICIOUS!!!


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