Thursday, March 5, 2009

I would like to introduce you to some of my friends.

I have been thrilled to death recently with all of my new "followers". I can't believe that this many people read my itty-bitty blog! (That is assuming that those of you who are "following" me are actually reading my posts...HA!)

I am officially BLUSHING!

And since I do have so many new followers, I would like to introduce you to each other.

First of all, I would like to welcome my niece Stephanie to world of Blogging! Her new blog, The Life of a Farmer's Wife, has me laughing hysterically!

You see, 10 years ago the absolute LAST place I would ever, ever, ever expect to see Stephanie was working on a farm. Fast-forward 10 years, here she is, married to Lance, living on a sure 'nuff farm, growing wheat, peanuts, corn, soybeans, and COTTON (I remembered this time...HA), and if that wasn't enough, now they raise CHICKENS!!!
You know that song "Ladies Love Country Boys"? That song just about sums up Stephanie....except her dad doesn't wear ties to work, her mom can make a MEAN fried chicken, and Stephanie didn't study Law in college....other than that, it's just like her. HA!

Stephanie is also a bigger Nascar fan than I am, and that is saying A LOT!

Next, I would like to welcome Catie Hamilton, and her new blog
The Hamilton's

After a few days of reading each other's blog....I realized that Catie grew up in the same small town that I did (and I still live in), went to the same schools, know the same people, and she is even a member of a
sister Church of Christ.


Catie, her husband Chris, and her adorable baby boy, Tucker, are about to move out to the country and build a new house. I just have two words for them.....

Just tonight, I noticed that a "design" buddy of mine, Laura, aka: "NavyWife", has just started "officially" following my blog. Laura doesn't have a blog (you don't, do you?), but she (along with her buddy Jeannine) has her own website called This is a FANTASTIC board for all things design/decorating! But, it's not just decorating....we talk about any and everything! Are you having a hard time figuring out how to decorate that living room? Are you looking for a fabric that you fell in love with but you just can't find? You got a weird bill in the mail? You want to gripe about your bad day? Then go to The Design Board and check it out!
Oh, and in case this post get buried....I have a link over in the left hand column under "My Favorites".

Also, don't forget my dear, sweet friend, Susan, of Standing on Faith. Her blog talks about her journey after the recent loss of her little girl Allie.

I also just noticed that another one of my nieces, Mallory, is following me too! As far as I know, she doesn't have a blog....YET. She up and moved away from us to get herself a college edumacation. She wants to be a weather girl meteorologist. She watched TWISTER one too many times when she was younger. HA
No seriously, we are all extremely proud of her and we miss her terribly!!

And all of my other followers:

Marla at Always Nesting (Where did you go??)
Wendy at Wendy's Wit and Whimsy
Tarin at The Browns Have Moved to the Country
Sue at Our Really Empty Nest
Kori at This is the Life of the Bates Family
Tracie at Tale of Many Cities
Kathy at Emptynester
Barb at Grits and Glamour
Kim at Southern Whimsy
Beth (yeahhh, I know your name now) at Confessions of a Preppy Bumpkin
Casey at I do...Now What?
Silvia at Just the Beginning
Marty at A Stroll Thru Life
Jessica at It's a Wu World After All
Suzanne at Southern Inspiration
For the Sake of Time (I don't know your name either...I'm so embarrassed)
KBeau at Life in the Slow Lane
Christine at Christine's Home and Travel Adventures

And my non-blog buddies, Kathy (gojm4evr), Sharon (redneck nurse), Gladys, Cherie, Meldin (I miss you!), and all of my other friends who just "lurk"

And to any other wonderful people out there who just stop by occasionally to see what's going on in my crazy, funny world:

You all mean the WORLD to me and I hope we can be buddies FOREVAH!


  1. I'm not a blogger but I am a follower, your blogs make me laugh. I miss you soooo much. Love ya Beeno!

  2. I've got your name in there girlie!! How could I forget you??? I MISS YOU TOO!!!
    Love Ya,too SharnJean!


  3. funny post.....yep according to my followness, I am faceless......hmmmm.


  4. Oh, thank you for introducing me to all your "blog" friends. I look forwrd to "visiting" all these new people.
    Warm regards,

  5. I just got telling my hubby that I would love to meet you, then you go and write this...LOL!! I will diffidently check out those other blogs. Where did you get that cow picture? It is so flipping cute!

  6. your so funny and that's why I love you! ha I know, I know... I need to get blogging more... I will get there!

  7. You are too precious! Thanks for the the way, I'm Beth (don't think I'd even thought about how I don't post my own name) *smiles*

  8. BETH!!! Great! I will change it now!!!

  9. I'm here, Sweetie! I don't post many comments, but I'm watching you. Every day. I have no life. LOL!

  10. **WHEW** I was scared you left me! I'm glad to know you are just in the shadows!!


    Robin :o)

    Kori...I "googled" and I found the cow....isn't he the cutest?!!!

  11. *Takes a Bow* You must be wanting an extra special Christmas present this year! lol

  12. that's so nice of you, although my blog is (pretty)!!!!..have a great weekend...silvia..

  13. Now wait a second...if a farm was the last place you thought I'd ever be...does that mean you thought I'd wind up in jail before a farm?? haha!

  14. Hmmmmmm,I would say about 50/50 on that one know, You do have that WILD streak in!

    You could have been arrested for stalking Ken Schrader or Brian!


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