Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lots of Housekeeping!

My, my, my....things have been really busy around here!

I'm sure the first thing ya'll noticed is my new look.

What do you think?

I have been wanting to "upgrade" for a while now (you know, since I've been doing this for SOOOO, but knew I couldn't afford to spend much money right now to do so.

Then, as I was just looking around LeeLouBlogs, I found this beauty in the Pre-made Section for a REALLY reasonable price! I still have some bugs to work out (my problems, not theirs),
but I already love it!! So, if you are wanting a reasonably-priced blog makeover, go take a looksie!

Leelou Blogs

Oh, they were SUPER FAST, too!

I would also like to welcome all of my new followers and people who have made very sweet comments over the past few weeks! I hope to see you all back here soon and often!
I hope we become the best of friends!!
In other business...I have a few prayer requests for my praying friends out there in blogland.

First, please pray for Kaleigh Freeman.

Kaleigh is 10 months old, and has spent her entire life in the hospital. She was improving dramatically, and was getting closer to coming home, and then suffered horrific complications after a recent surgery. It is probable that she sustained brain damage and the doctor's aren't giving her family much hope. No matter what the prognosis, please pray for strength for her family. They have lost EVERYTHING to be with their daughter!

Next, we have little Stellan.

Prayers for Stellan

I think most of my readers here know all about little Stellan. Praise God that he came through his heart surgery doing well! They weren't able to "fix" his heart completely, but they were able to stop some of the horrible problems he was having. Please pray for his continued recovery and for his family that are separated from each other by this event.

I would also like to ask for prayers for a dear friend of mine, Jim Murrell.
Jim, his wife Jennifer, and their beautiful children, Julianna, and Cameron are friends of ours who relocated to Philadelphia, Mississippi for an opportunity for Jim to preach.

They are just the most amazing family! They have always been shining examples of people walking the Christian good times and in bad!

They have both had their share of health problems, but recently, repairs done on Jim's heart as an infant, have started to deteriorate.
He recently had surgery, but they were unable to fix the damage.

Please pray for the entire family!

(And Jim, I am looking for more mullet pictures for you! I did find a great one of your want that one? Ha Ha)


Things have been really busy around here this week, and it is only Wednesday!

Saturday, Marty and Jameson decided they didn't like the way our dirt looked in our vegetable bed, so they decided to go buy some good dirt to fill the beds with.

Just look at that RICH, BLACK dirt!

After they were finished unloading the dirt, they decided they needed a little break.

They went fishing.

They caught several fish....but since hubby is deathly allergic to any and all types of fish, they released them all to be caught another day.

Once they got home....we watched the "A-DAY" game on ESPN.

(I'm a HUGE fan of #16, Thomas Darrah!)

Sunday we had Church and then a quick bite to eat at Sonic.

The rest of the evening was spent watching the weather. First, being told that our severe weather risk was minimal, only to end the night with the weatherman pointing directly at our tiny little town saying "There is rotation! There is rotation!"

AHHHHH, nothing like a little TORNADO WARNING to get the adrenaline pumping!

When things finally settled down, I slept for a few hours and then up at 4:45 am to go to work.

Yup, dumb me, volunteered to work on a Monday.

What was I thinking?

This was the view of my office at 10:30 that morning.....

Each and every one of these charts represents at least two phone calls and a conversation, except for that single little chart in the middle....she just wanted samples.

I almost jumped off the roof!

Fortunately, my angel, Linda, came in a rescued me! She handled the prescriptions for me.


I worked again on Tuesday. But thankfully, it wasn't quite as busy as Monday.

Oh, but I was awakened by a 3.8 earthquake that morning.

Yeah, an Alabama.


Today has been a whirlwind of activity in the Hill household.

Our morning began bright and early at 12:05 am with yet another earthquake, and a 6 y.o. climbing in bed with us, scared to death....holding onto mommy for dear life!

I thought my bed was vibrating or was nice to hear that I wasn't going crazy.

(On a side note.....tornadoes, earthquakes, freezing temperatures within a 2 day period??
If locusts come....LOOK OUT!)

It was off to school for the kiddos, and then back home to get
some much-needed housework done.
Oh, did I mention it is race weekend around here?
Yeah, 150,000 extra people in and around my little bitty town this week.

Two of those people, will be coming HERE to visit.

My great buddies, and fellow Mayfield fans, Gladys and Dennis will be coming by throughout the week. My housework has kinda slipped up on me, and I needed to spend the entire day cleaning like a mayniac....haha.....pun intended....but did I spend the entire day cleaning???


I got carried away with my new blog background and ended up spending most of the day playing working on that.

As the daylight started fading, I kicked it into to gear. Enlisting help where I could....

Isn't he sweet?

Well, I didn't get finished cleaning house, but they aren't coming to see my house, right?


Oh well, I guess I better go and try to get something else done around here.

Ya'll have a great day and look out for those locusts!!


  1. Awwww, what a cute new blog dress you are wearing.......I want one!! I may have to go check it out......
    Love it! And a tornado, and an earthquake?? Seriously?????
    Girl, I hope life gets a little more boring!


  2. Wow Robin...and you said I was busy...You had a very weird week(weather wise). I pray the Locust does not come...LOL

    Have a wonderful time visiting with your friends. Lots of laughs I am sure of it.

  3. Love your new background.

    Wonder where that wonderful black dirt was imported from? Certainly not from around here where we have nothing but red clay.

  4. GREAT minds think ALIKE!! i have been working on my new party dress too! hope to get the new page up today :D btw.. i LOVE yours! wish i could give up control and allow someone else to do mine..LOL but alas.. i have a lot of free time right now, so i tackled it myself again. also.. sure wish I WAS going to be in your itty bitty town this weekend!! DEGA baby! ;) i am heading out of town though.. details to be on blog later. :) have a wonderful day!

  5. Your new blog look is great! It does sound like you had a hectic week, but love your attitude about it! laurie

  6. I am exhausted just reading about your busy week! WOW!
    I love the new look of the blog! i didnt know you could buy it, shows how little I know about all of this. Good luck with your Nascar weekend, that is one sport I know not one thing about. Hope you have a great time! Sue

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