Thursday, April 30, 2009

I got some new (borrowed) wheels....or rather, rubber stoppers.

Check it out! A slightly used, 2008 year model, Low miles, and barely a scratch on her.

Isn't she PRETTY??

AND, her best feature.....A super-capacity travel bag. (Or better known as a grocery sack.)

I just love the red pinstriping on her.

What's in her travel bag, do you ask? Let's look and see......


Seriously, my wonderful mother was so kind as to bring her walker for me to use this morning. Initially I thought "NO WAY!", but as I decided to try it (while nobody was watching, of course)....I really liked it! I could book through the house at lightening speed! I was going at least 1/2 MPH!!

I would like to thank all of you for your concern about my jacked up, nasty, funky hurt feet. A couple of you have suggested that I have my ankle/toe x-rayed, but after I noticed significant improvement today after taking ibuprophen, I felt that the likelihood that my ankle was broken was pretty slim. I do feel that the end of my big toe IS broken, but there is absolutely nothing that can be done for that, so I'm not concerned. It is only slightly hindering my walking on that!

I have been seeing some interesting colors appear. Different shades of blue, purple, and even black have been popping up all day!

As a side note, I've never seen a bruise be as black as the one on my big toe, even under my nail. Really freaky!

I know you are all just dying to see my feet today, so I don't want to disappoint you:

I can't wait to see what colors it will be tomorrow!! I'm hoping that some GREEN pops up!

(I still can't bring myself to post pictures of my big toe....I know you are all so disappointed....sorry)


In other news today, the band SAVING ABEL released their new video for their song "Drowning" featuring my very favorite Nascar Driver, Jeremy Mayfield. I know that most of you are not Nascar fans, but this video is extremely well made and tells such a great story. I have cried every time I've watched it today. It could have been the video, or the feet...I'm not really sure. Be sure to check it out!

(It's only been released to this forum so far, so I couldn't do one of those "fancy" link


I am hoping this foot-thing gets better really quick! I have BIG PLANS with the kiddos this weekend. They have literally been counting down the days to this:


Chelsea has been so excited! She really wants me to keep her out of school tomorrow and take her to the first showing. I compromised and told her she would go to school and we would go to the movies Saturday or Sunday AND her little brother would be going with us.

She is still very excited with this plan! (but maybe not as excited as she was when she was going to get to skip school and go to the movies in the middle of the day without her little brother.)

I will be sure to let you all know how everything turns out. I know ya'll can't wait!
What will you all be doing this weekend?


  1. All I can say is double ouchie!!!
    It looks so bad.

    But, what a hot ride!!! I think you should add a hot pink basket on the front and some colorful tassles on the handles. That's hot! :-D

    We are going out of town for the weekend. We have friends who live on a big farm and we love going there. They also have large catfish ponds so we are going out catfishing. Good times! LOL

    Hope you are all better by weekend's end. Sorry you are injured.

    Hugs, Barb

  2. Barb's right....tassels! You will be the hottest chick on a walker! And I can just see it now , you on your walker going to the movie with your kiddos!! Ha...well, maybe it would get you a free ride to the front of the line!!! :)


  3. I want to know where the tennis balls are. I just don't understand why walkers don't come already equipped with tennis balls.

  4. Ow! Those bruises look really painful! :O

  5. Yeowie, that looks painful! I had one just like that after a tumble off the board in a step class years ago. Being carried off the gym floor(in his strong arms) by a handsome young man was the only good part of that accident.

  6. many miles a gallon can you get on that hog? haha (one of my all-time favorite movie lines)

    I can't wait to see Wolverine! WooHoo!

  7. I think it needs some flames.

  8. Steph....I actually had left-over Sprint Cup stickers from the race that I was going to stick on it, but then Chelsea decided she needed them and took them to her Nana's.

    Oh, and you need to watch the Saving Abel video because it has Brian in it!

  9. Ow! that looks really sore. My ankle is actually feeling sympathy pains!

  10. Oh, how painful it looks. Are you sure you don't need to get the doc. to check it out for you? Love the new ride.

    Susan Brewer

  11. I just found your Blog, and now I see your Poor, Poor, foot. OUCH!! Girl, hold your head up high and don't be shy about using that walker. It looks as though you shouldn't be putting any weight on your foot...Enjoy the movie, but tell the kids you're not going to climb all those stairs to sit on the back row at the theater. LOL Isn't that always where kids want to sit??

    I signed on as a Follower.
    Come by my Blog and say "Hello" sometime.

  12. Your blog looks like great fun and great FOOD! YUM!! I'm your Southern sister in Louisiana. Except I'm not nearly as fancy when it comes to cooking. My motto is "Get in. Get out." That sums it up. LOL

    I signed on as a Follower, so I'll be watching you,Friend. Come by my Blog and say "Hello" sometime.

  13. Yikes Robin, that looks excruciating. But I do love your new "wheels"! Sorry I missed your last post, I would have been commiserating with you sooner. I think we must be related somewhere along the line. Nope, Grace is nowhere in my name either, once fell down an entire flight of marble stairs on my backside, bumping the old noggin' the entire trip. And of course I was wearing a skirt! Hope you're better soon and go see the Doc if this goes on much longer (please, for us). Hugs, Kathy


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