Friday, April 24, 2009

NASCAR.....Here I come!

This will be a short post this morning because I am on my way to the track....

Talladega Super Speedway, to be exact!

I will be meeting up with a couple of my Mayfield buddies and will attempt to show our support on Nascar Live and Trackside today. The goal is to get your sign on television as many times as you can.

Why? Who knows...but it's FUN!

And I just wanted you all to know.....even if you are not a Nascar fan.....You will ALL be with me in spirit......

(The names are members of my Mayfield Fan Board)

Ya'll have a GREAT day and I will be sure to post highlights (and possibly lowlights) of my adventures when I get home!!


  1. Have fun! My parents went down to the airport last night and met Richard Petty! I'm still debating about whether to go tomorrow or not! I'll look for your sign on tv!

  2. WWWaaaaiiiitttt...write my name on there!!! LOL......and don't do anything racy while you're away! ;0


  3. have a great time. I will look for your sign on TV. Wouldn't it be cool if you got a picture with Jeremy Mayfield holding a sign that has Stellan's name on it.

    I don't think I have seen any Nascar pictures in the Stellan name gallary.

  4. woo hoo!! jump high mama.. jump high!! we'll be lookin' for ya.. and the sign! have an awesome time and wave to Elliot for me!!!

  5. Steph, I wish I had know K/C were there last night....Gladys and I werethisclose to going to the airport last night!!

    Suzanne, I will write your name on there RIGHT now for when I go back to Trackside tonight! It is supposed to be on SPEED tonight at 6:30 PM (CST).

    Monica, that is a GREAT idea....I probably won't get a chance to actually talk to any drivers tonight, but I will bring a sign with his name!

    Tracie....your name is right above the "E" in "HEY"! You were the only follower that I KNEW was a Nascar fan...since today, I've found a few more! Oh, I didn't meet Elliot today, but I did meet Hermie (his brother) today and Jameson got his autograph!

  6. Hey, I don't see my name either!! But I saw you so often on tv, I was beginning to think it was RobinTV instead of SpeedTV! haha.

  7. Sounds like you are all ready for fun. Have a great time! (Great sign) laurie

  8. Saw you on NASCAR Live, and the sign. Also saw the sign on Trackside. Way to represent!! You are truly a MAYNIAC!!!

  9. i SAW IT!! i SAW IT!! you have no idea what reaction you got from my family! girl, they were SHOCKED!! and cracked up... and kept rewinding it to look for my name..hehe thanks for thinking of me... and thanks for the giggles!! oh.. and congrats on meeting Hermie! so cool for Jameson to get the autograph too!

    [green]with nascar love,

  10. Hey, racey girl, I left an award for you today on my blog....come grabba ze button when you're all done being racey and all....



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