Monday, May 18, 2009

Barb is hosting a PAAAAARTY.....

A Porch and Patio Party, that is!

Barb, over at Grits and Glamour is hosting a Porch and Patio Party!

OK, OK, I'll admit it, I am such a slacker (I know that comes as such a shock to you all). I COMPLETELY forgot about Barb's party today. Somewhere, in the back of my itty-bitty mind, I thought it was NEXT week.

Even though poor Barb as already had to reschedule TWICE because some of us just couldn't quite get our acts together....ahem....not to mention any names or anything.....(guilty).

I HAVE been trying to prepare for it for the past couple of weeks. We planted lots and lots of flowers, AND I even bought little tables and table cloths to put next to my rockers. I am embarrassed to say, that's as far as I have gotten.

HOWEVER, I did manage to pull together a couple of things and I wanted to join in all of Barb's merriment!

That woman KNOWS how to throw a PAAARTY, let me tell you!

I want you to pretend that ALL of these photos were taken on the same day, at the same time. Eventually, all of these elements will be put together and I hope it will make a cool looking front porch.

That is IF I can ever get out of "slacker mode" and get everything finished.

First of all, here are a couple of "Before" pictures:

The full front picture is older, but things pretty much still look the same. The foundation and steps are still not completed (waiting on the sell of our old house), and we do have a little more grass now....THANK GOODNESS! Nothing like trying to grow grass in Alabama red clay!

And here are some more recent photos!

Here is a picture of my front door wreath...

or at least that's what it looked like last year. You see, it is still hanging in our attic for now. I gotta convince hubby to climb up there and get it for me. I made it myself, and it didn't take too long at all. It took me longer to pry the flowers out of Jameson's hands than it did to actually make it. I plan to add some sort of ribbon to it, once it's out of it's storage place.

Next, I want to show you the main reason I love this front porch so ceiling!

The plans originally had this ceiling lowered and boxed in. But during the framing process, I fell in LOVE with the height and shape of the roof line. I asked my builder if it HAD to be lowered, and he said "NO", so this is what we ended up with. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I have plans to add a HUGE wreath above the front door, but just haven't gotten around to finishing the project. (Plus hubby WILL NOT let me do any damage to the siding, like nail or screw holes, so I have to find some siding hangers that will hold a good bit of weight.)

Now here are some actual pictures that I've taken over the past couple of days. I was hoping that the flowers would have filled out by now, but today has been the first day with ANY sunshine in weeks.

The rockers came from Lowe's last year for a great price. Even though the wind as knocked them over on more than one occasion, they still look as good as new! The green pillows came from the clearance bin at Home Depot. I think I paid around $7.00 for them.

The gorgeous flower is a recent surprise from dear, sweet hubby. The nest is a recent find inside of an electrical sub-station. Birds build their nests in the strangest places! I just added the adorable little eggs and the birdies that my good buddy Lisa from Living Upward sent to me!

Pardon the green wrinkled table cloth. I couldn't figure out how to get them out. The fabric on top is a piece of leftover fabric from my dining room.

The rest of the pictures are of my mother's day flowers. I am going with a PURPLE theme this year, can't you tell?

Well, there it is, my front porch! We still have a TON left to do to finish it....add steps, finish the foundation, decorate....but we still love it just the same! I hope to actually finish decorating it one day soon, and will post pictures of the completed project!

SO, head on over to say "Howdy" to Barb at Grits and Glamour, and tell her the Slacker Mama sent you! LOL!


Oh, and don't forget my contest!!



  1. WOW! You have a brand new dress! How cute!

  2. I am so jealous of anyone who has a front porch. Yours is lovely! What a warm welcome. :)


  3. I'm so happy that you were able to leave the porch roof height - it is just gorgeous! What a great sitting place, love the rockers. And try Command holders for the wreath, they make them for all different weights. They are pricey, but those babies work! Kathy

  4. Isn't it fun to have a front porch? It sure looks cute all dressed up and I love the rockers.

  5. That is one great porch! I love the height of the ceiling. Love all your summer touches too. It's very welcoming.

  6. Oh, I would LOVE to have your front porch.....and I do love the ceiling, too! It looks great so far!! Get that wreath out; it is too pretty to keep in the attic!


  7. No wonder you love that porch...that ceiling is awesome!

  8. me too... green with ENVY!! i am sinning BIG time! ok ok.. i will try to heed 'thou shalt not covet'. :)
    really lovely robin!

  9. It looks very nice Robin. I need to do something with my front porch.

  10. I hope she keeps having these porch parties, so I can participate when I have a porch!

  11. Your porch is very pretty -- thanks for sharing.


  12. I just love you blog name... That rocking chair looks comfy.. mind if I sit for a spell? It's nice to see an Alabama girl! I was born in Mobile:)

  13. Can I come & sit & visit & sip on some iced tea???? Love it! Stop by and say "hi" soon and enjoy your visit and stay a while there's so much to see.

  14. This is beautiful!! I LOVE hydrangeas. The wreath is FAB and I love the rockers and tables....I love it all! Great job!

    You know I can relate to ALL THIS RAIN we have had cos' I am not far from ya' girlfriend! I am ready for some extended SUN!

    Have a great week!

    Lou Cinda :)

  15. First of all....WELCOME to all of my visitors!!! I really appreciate you taking the time to browse and comment on my itty-bitty blog!

    Marie, it's nice to see another Bama native!

    Lou Cinda....hasn't the past two days been WONDERFUL?!!! Beautiful blue skies and cool temps!!

  16. What a great call on that ceiling. I love the beadboard. Us "asheville" gals were admiring the ceiling at the Inn, painted a soft Robin's Egg blue (like ones in Charleston.) Supposively its to help out with flies or something like that. Anuwau - O love the crisp white and I love the arched window, too. Pretty, pretty, pretty. What a great find in your bird's nest, and I don't see any wrinkles. What wrinkles?

    Thanks for joining in GF. I aprreciate your support. Hugs, Barb

  17. Robin, Wow what a front porch, that ceiling is amazing! I wanted to participate in the Party too, but for some odd reason my pics would not download off the camera. Oh well, next time hopefully. Glad it is nice down there, 4 days until we are headed in that direction. Sue

  18. Robin, I just ordered those exact same rockers for my front porch! I hemmed and hawwed over black or white and then decided on black because the white was a bit too country looking. Your porch looks awesome.

    We are still working on our porch.....Steve is on a "working" vacation so I'll post pics later of all our projects.

  19. It looks so pretty and so inviting, and I also LOVE that ceiling. What a fabulous idea. laurie


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