Friday, May 15, 2009

Luau 2009!

Who says you have to pay thousands of dollars to vacation in Hawaii? Whoever said that obviously has never been to the M.E.S. Annual Kindergarten Luau.

It's just like being there....

Well, almost.

The day started off with making sure you have the correct Hawaiian attire...

Oh, did I tell you that he thinks he is too cool to smile for pictures these days?

Jameson was upset that I didn't buy myself a matching ugly Hawaiian shirt. He got over it though when I gave him the hat to wear, AND I let him pick out what he wanted me to wear....

A long-sleeved, sheer white shirt with butterflies and sparklies on it.

Once we were all dressed appropriately, off to school we went. Jameson's morning was spent practicing for the big graduation day coming up at the end of the month, and my morning was spent cutting up tons of fresh fruit for the luau.

Nothing like a big ol' gal like me, trying to cut up a fresh pineapple while sitting in a kindergarten chair.

My knees kept getting in the way of the knife....

You just got that visual, didn't you? LOL

The table of food ended up BEAUTIFUL, and then we just waited for the party to begin.

Before we could partake of the fresh fruit bonanza, however.....the children had some surprises for us....

That's right....Dancing and Limbo!

We were encouraged to join our children on the stage, dancing and limbo-ing....but who was going to stand there and laugh at all the other adults photograph all the fun-ness?

I think that person would be ME! (Along with most of the other parents...)

It started off with the limbo (or better known as "trying to walk under a stick"). I have an exceptionally hilarious video of a certain "unnamed" teacher doing the limbo, but I have been threatened within an inch of my life kindly asked not to publish it for public display.

Next, we moved to doing the Hula...Gracie (Jameson's girlfriend), is the cutie with the black glasses and grass skirt....Jameson is somewhere behind her in the back.

Then, it's some "surf" dancing.... The lady in the red crop pants is Jameson's wonderful teacher, Mrs. Mayfield.

Then, it's free dance for all. If I do say so, myself, my baby has some MAD DANCE SKILZ!

I mean, just look how he holds his arms up in the air, dancing to his own music!

Then after the great show, we were back to the classroom to enjoy the delicious party food!

All the children and parents had a fantastic time! I would like to thank Jameson's teacher, Mrs. Mayfield, for all her hard work. She definitely is a dream teacher, always going above and beyond for her children!

We are both really going to miss her next year!

Oh, and if you would like to see her video....just send me an e-mail.

He He He



  1. I'm guessing that underneath your sheer white shirt, you were wearing a coconut bra??

  2. ahh steph beat me to the punch with the coconut bra comment!! was going to say, "what? no coconut bra?!" hehe
    sounds like you had a blast. thanks to your videos.. i don't even have to imagine being a fly on the wall!

  3. Robin, First off thanks for stopping by and I am glad you were laughing your butt off, anything I can do for a sister, lol. I just love the fact that Jameson's teacher does such neat parties, what fun! And the videos really add alot to your post, I have to figure out how to do that, lol. I love that JAmeson and Gracie have a little romance going and that you are documenting it on here for us to see, what a wonderful way to keep these special memories! Have a great weekend, talk to you soon, Sue

  4. What a fun party, and Ms. Mayfield sounds like a wonderful teacher! Now come on, don't you want to limbo too? Love the videos. And Gracie is a cutie! Of course, we already know what a little lady killer Jameson is. Thanks for sharing such a fun day with us. Kathy

  5. how cute he looks in that hat! I bet that little girlfriend of his had to fight the other girls off of him. laurie

  6. That looks like SOOOOOO much fun!!! We're actually throwing my mother-in-law a palm tree/flamingo/tropical birthday party tomorrow, and all those awesome pics got me in the celebrating spirit!!! Jameson is a little dreamboat. :)



  7. Wow- what a fun party! Teachers are so much more creative these days than I remember them being in my childhood! Did you get a new look for your blog? I love it! I've been a little out of it the last couple weeks, so forgive me if I'm noticing a little late. Do you go to Scrapblog to do your title header? It looks great!!

  8. oh robin,how fun must have been for you guys! jameson is so cute and he dances really good..i love it everytime they have activities at school its just much fun to watch he kids do their things...i'm glad you had a blast...have a great weekend ...silvia..


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