Thursday, May 14, 2009

Should we book the Church?


My baby, my SIX year-old baby has got it BAD!

He has his first little girlfriend, Gracie.

Yes, this is the same little girl that invited him to come watch her t-ball game the other night.

Since that first "date", things have been just progressing along nicely.

It started with the t-ball game, then it moved to Teacher Appreciation Day.

HUH? Teacher Appreciation Day?

Yeah, we were to send a flower to Jameson's teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day (a well deserved flower it was, too!), and we just happened to have an "extra". Well guess who got that extra?


Jameson was all shy and nervous, and a little-bit scared, but he was determined to give it to her. I asked him if he thought that all the other little girls in his class may get a little jealous that he didn't give THEM flowers too. He said "Yeah, but I'm still giving it to her."

When he got home from school that day, I was anxious to hear the response. I asked him "Well, did she like it?"


"NO? Why didn't she like it?"

"Mama, she didn't like it, she LOOOOVED IT!"

"Ohhhh, OK."

Always the Drama King.

Well, since that day, we've had another "date" night at the t-ball park. Both kids were a little embarrassed, irritated, grumpy tired that night, so I didn't get any really cute pictures of the two of them. I did get a really cute video....but I can't figure out how to rotate the video, so you don't have to turn the computer on it's side to view it.

Stupid "creative" videoing.....

And now we are having to spend most of our time at the ball park, protecting Jameson from Gracie's dad.

Something about his 6 year-old daughter already getting flowers......

Well yesterday, things stepped up a bit....

Gracie brought Jameson a present:

Meet Mr. Fluffy Alabama Teddy

Stuffed animals? And not just any stuffed ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE stuffed animal.

This is getting serious!

So, do you think we need to go ahead to reserve the Church?



  1. That is so sweet! Yes, I think you do....LOL

  2. That is hilarious and so sweet. When my Tess was that age a little boy in her class would steal his mother's jewelry and give it to her. Tess had a deskful before she decided to turn the loot over to their teacher. Robin, inventory your jewelry box!

  3. how adorable is that?! gave me my first morning smile! :)

  4. awwww....puppy love, so sweet.

  5. oh robin! i love it!,so cute that boy of yours!!!adorable boy.


  6. Let me know if you need any of my leftover wedding decorations! haha. I think the first gift I ever got from a boy was in the 4th grade. It was a plastic Minnie Mouse necklace. Then he gave me a sock puppet! lol

  7. This is so cute! My DH would totally be in agreement with Gracie's dad. He used to threaten to borrow a friends rifle to "clean" it when her date came lol. Jameson is a doll, I think it's so sweet that he wanted to give her a flower. Better book that church! Kathy

  8. that is just too sweet!! love it! =)

  9. LOL!! I guess we better get the plans together! She is so funny when she talks about him. She gets this shy little smile. It is so cute! Jameson is such a doll!


  10. How cute! The first love is always the best! Tell the little man to keep up to good work. Women young and old love flowers!


  11. He is so cute! He'll have so many girls after him, he'll leave Gracie in the dust! But how fun that they are "dating" now when you don't have to worry about late nights, etc. laurie

  12. Oh my I surely need to check my spelling before I hit publish comment!


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