Monday, June 1, 2009

I thought I was finally going to get to sleep late....

After Jameson blatantly ignored me forgot to pick up his toys , after we told him to about 50 times today.....

Hubby and I finally had enough.

We packed all of his toys left out on the floor into plastic containers, and put them away so he couldn't get them.

He was not happy!

He decided he was going to start grumbling under his breath, and slinging things around.

Now WE were not happy, so we sent him to his room.

Once in his room, he continued his grumbling and slinging things around, so I went in there to kindly remind him that whatever toys were left in his bedroom floor, would suffer the same fate as his other toys.

He got up, closed his door, and commenced to cleaning....

and grumbling, and fussing, and slinging....

After about 30 minutes had passed, I walked back into his room, which was still semi-messy, and he handed me this:

Oh look a note, I bet he is telling us how sorry he is.

Boy was I WRONG!!!

As I read the note, he stood there, arms crossed, with a smug look on his face....

That is, until I told him "BYE! I hope you have fun!"

I don't think he thought I was serious or he had heard wrong, until next I said:

"Where are you moving to? You know, so I will know where to forward your mail"

"When did you get a job? You know, because it is really expensive out there."

and finally

"WHEN are you leaving? I need to know if I have to cook supper for you, too."

He got really quiet, and said "I just don't want to talk about it!"

I then said, "You have to talk about it. Moving out is a really big deal and I have make sure you have a PLAN!"

The next thing I know, he is bawling his eyes out.

I almost felt sorry for him....


After he calmed down, we had a nice, long talk about the reasons he needed to keep his toys picked up. I also told him that I would be very sad and lonely if he left.

Things were much better, and then Jameson realized....


He didn't come right out and ask if I would hide the letter from his daddy....but he sure hinted around about it.

Finally, I let him off the hook, and told him that I wouldn't show the note to his daddy...

It would be our little secret!

And because he was SO grateful, he has been cleaning like a wild man and has been super-duper sweet to me.

Here is his room before:

And here it is after:

Not great, but MUCH better!

He even vacuumed his rug and dust-busted the living room floor!

I wonder how long THAT is going to last?

Now, true to my word, I DID NOT show hubby the note....

But I did discuss it with him, in detail, and I may have said something on Facebook about it too...

How old were your kids when (or if) they decided they would run away from home?


  1. And now you've blogged about it too. Does Jameson know that the whole world knows about that note?


  2. Nope! And until he can log on himself and read my will just be our little secret! LOL!

  3. Let me see.....he was 23 or 24 years old I think. And it was only AFTER we locked him out and changed the deadbolt locks and keys. LOL Just Kidding

    I don't remember the exact age, but it started about the age of Jameson. I will never forget the time he pulled one of those stunts, and I went in and actually packed him a small bag. I wish I had a pic of his eyes, then he started crying and it was so sad. I don't know if he ever said that again though. LOL

    Hugs, Barb

  4. I LOVE the note! I've never gotten a note before- just threats! We have had a couple get a few houses down the street before, but they ALWAYS turn around! Awesome story- that's why I love blogging, for those great stories that remind me I'm not alone as a parent;-)

  5. OK this is PRICELESS!!! I am dying laughing! That note is a GEM!! He is one serious little dude, huh?

    And honestly, for a boy...he did pretty darn good on his room! B's version of clean is raking everything into a pile in the closet floor. "LOOK! IT'S ALL CLEAN!"

  6. This is priceless! I'm glad you stood your ground and made your point, but how you kept a straight face is beyond me! Cait never threatened to run away, but I distinctly remember the time I "ran away" - daddy even packed my little suitcase. I made it to the end of the street, realized I wasn't allowed to cross the street by myself, and came home! (the whole time daddy was watching from our porch) Kathy

  7. Whitney ran away (all the way to the mailbox before running home crying) because we (gasp!) monitored her TV viewing. She was about Jameson's age.

  8. HAHA! That note is priceless...I hope you saved it. :)

  9. Oh how I LOVE this story and the sweet note. I sure hope you didn't throw it away. Write the date on the back of it and save it until he's older. Then you can frame it and have a great keepsake from "when he was a little boy". His children will enjoy this story someday...Our youngest son used to run away on a weekly basis. He would say he was leaving, then ride his bike around the neighborhood until he got hungry. Then he was back home again. I was sure glad when he outgrew that nonsense!

  10. Your Jameson is such a little stinker, lol. What a precious note, you need to keep that in a special place and pull it out on his graduation or wedding day, lol. I have kept several I am Sorry notes from my kids, but never got an i am leaving note, ha. Our kids really keep us on our toes dont they, lol! Hope it is a great week and no one moves out! Sue

  11. I know it was stressful, but I am laughing! You handled this situation so well. I think his note should be framed and hung in his room as a reminder of how scary it was when you told him good-bye. I remember, when I was 5 yrs old, I decided to leave home, and my mother got my little bag off the closet shelf for me. I got as far as the lamp post in the front yard. My Daddy came out of the house and asked if I needed any help getting my little suitcase unpacked, and I cried as hard as I've ever cried. I was so relieved that I didn't have to follow through on my threat. laurie

  12. sitting here crackin' up! that was a great story.. and i agree w/ everyone.. slap a date on the back of that note and save it for a big day in his life! priceless!

  13. Hey You! Hope you're having a great least a semi-good one. LOL

    I tagged you! Its a different tag that the one you just did, so if you get time stop by my site and get the details.

    Hugs, Barb

  14. oh Robin, this is the cutes post ever! and yes my Sophia even packed her Dora luggage a while back,she was upset about something,what was in the luggage??? all of her stuffed toys!! it was so funny..Jameson is the cutest boy but YES they need to BE REMINDED sometimes of whos in charge right? so i think you handled it pretty good..btw save the note,they love to read things like that when they get older..

    thank you for stopping by every time,i'm glad you liked my new wall....about the tagging thing its too much work so whatever you wanna know about me, just ask my friend and i'll tell you!!!lollol...have a great day and i'll be back later....


  15. Oh, that is so cute. Yes, my Sean has had the "running away" episode already. He is the same age as Your son so I think this must be the "stage" haha!
    I just found your blog last week and it is awsome, funny, and inspiring. I LOVE Chelsea's beautiful life story. My sister read it and cried her eyes out. She works with special needs alot like your "C" and it was very powerful to her.
    We live in Alabama too. I was thinking you lived in GA but seeing your blog name must have lived in Bama at some point...?

    Anyway, hope you don't mind me "lurking". I already put you on my blog list.

    Heidi Murphy

  16. Welcome Heidi!! I am glad you have been enjoying my itty-bitty blog....especially Chelsea's Story.

    Nope, I have only ever lived in Alabama....however I do WORK in Georgia. I've worked in Georgia and made the 90 mile each way drive, off and on for the past 9 years.

    I hope to see you again!!



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