Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Podunk Alabama Water Park.....

Or better known as "Hubby and Son playing in the backyard with a hose pipe!"

Everything started out innocently enough.....

Then Jameson had to go stickin' his tongue out at his daddy....

That led to getting squirted!

But Jameson had something up his sleeves in his boots.....


"Ohhhh Daddy, I have something to show you......"

"Come just a little bit closer....."



Then Daddy had a little trick up his sleeve....

"Hey Jameson, look at what's in this boot!!"


Now Jameson wants revenge!

"Lookie what I found....."


I just love my boys!!


  1. I'd pay admission for that water park! lol. Check out my blog, I tagged you and left you an award! :)

  2. That's a good one to watch from afar! They sure had fun, didn't they?


  3. They look like they are having a blast! I can't believe they are wearing long pants in this heat! I do not like to show off these pasty white tree stumps, but hey it's 100+ degrees and vanity goes right out the old window!!! Hugs, Kathy

  4. Kathy, Marty has to wear pants for his job and Jameson had been "playing" at his Nana's all day and he REFUSES to play in shorts for some reason (like father, like son ??). We all had just gotten in from work (play) and was trying to water the garden before we settled in for the evening. I couldn't believe they got so wet! I made them take ALL of their clothes off on the back porch and then get into the shower. They were a MESS!! LOL

  5. How cute and what fun! Memories are being made, and I enjoyed watching. laurie

  6. that soooooooo reminded me of my family and how crazy we are.. not to mention how we LOVE to have water fights!! ok ok, "I" love to have them and soak them all.. heehee that will be a memory Jameson will always remember.. glad you captured it with photos!!!! :D great job MOM!! -Tracie

  7. This reminds me of summertime growing up..we'd do this every night coming in from the barn!!

  8. There's that hose pipe again.


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