Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Rollercoaster of the past few weeks....

I am so sorry that I haven't posted as much over the past few weeks. Now that it is officially July, I am just realizing what a roller coaster the month of June is for me.

The first of the month started off as usual, but then came a big event....

Chelsea's 17th Birthday

Chelsea's Birthday was a really great day...

REALLY great!

Who knew that a simple "Mommy's and Daughter's Day Out" would have been so perfect?

But no matter how "perfect" the day was, there was still always that nagging "something" in the back of my mind.

This shouldn't have been just a Mommy's and Daughter's Day, it should have been a birthday celebrated by two young women and a young man.

It should have been my TRIPLET'S 17th birthday.

Don't get me wrong, I am beyond thankful for my precious daughter, but the wonder will ALWAYS be in the background....

What if I still had ALL of my children with me?


Four days after Chelsea's birthday, was another sad day....

It was the 4th anniversary of my Dad's death.

We were told on Chelsea's birthday, 4 years ago, that he was terminal, and couldn't have imagined that just 4 short days later he would be gone.

My dad was such a great influence to so many people, especially in the last decade of his life. I just wish I had a little more time with the special man that I finally realized he was.


Between these two days, was Father's Day.

On one hand, it was a great day......

Marty had a BALL with the kids and absolutely loved his Father's Day gifts....

His Port-a-Potty.....uhhhhhh, I mean his Compost Bin.

And a few gardening books and the "real" version of his favorite Facebook game, Farkel.

But on the other hand, a really sad day.

As others were running around looking for the perfect gifts for their fathers, father-in-laws, and grandfathers, we realized it was just us.

Neither one of us has our father any longer and my children no longer have grandfathers.

I grew up never having a grandfather (both died many years before I was born). I am so thankful that both my kids at least got to know and have fond memories of my dad. (Marty's dad was alive for a short time after Chelsea was born, but she doesn't remember him.)


Oh, and today would have been my dad's birthday, too.


We did have some fun times over the past couple of weeks....

I actually got my hair cut...for the first time in a SOLID YEAR!

I can't for the life of me fix it like it is supposed to be, but I am still loving it short!

Now I just gotta get rid of that darn SKUNK STRIPE again!

I am so NOT a "girly-girl", so hair and makeup is just foreign to me! On the days that I'm not planning on leaving the house, you can guarantee to find me with no make-up on and my hair not styled (and I probably won't have a bra or shoes on

I tried to "branch out" with new make-up (eye shadow, lipstick), after the drastic cut, but it turns out that I am allergic to the eye shadow. So after the skin grows back on my eyelids, I will have to go back to my "normal".

Just my luck.


June 24th was also the much-anticipated release (well, for my son, of Transformers 2.

Every single day since the movie trailers began showing on television, Jameson would ask me

"How many more days is it until Transformers 2, Revenge of the Fallen comes on?"
(and yes, he did ALWAYS add that "Revenge of the Fallen" to the title)

So, on opening weekend (PLEASE shoot me), we went to see it in a SOLD OUT movie theatre.

Have I told ya'll how much I HATE crowds?

Jameson was ecstatic, and the movie was good, so I guess it was worth holding my extremely full bladder for 2 1/2 hours.

Now we just have to figure out where we are going to come up with all of the extra cash it's going to take to buy all of the "new" Transformer action figures coming out between now and Christmas.

As of today, Jameson's favorite play thing is this weekend's Target sale paper with pictures of Transformers toys in it.

Oh, and to make matters worse....guess what fast-food restaurant is carrying the Transformer's toys????




I have recently become obsessed with Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books. The HBO series True Blood has been adapted from these books.

I LOVE the show, but my-oh-my, the books are SO MUCH BETTER!

I have literally read SEVEN of the nine books in the past two weeks!

Did I tell ya'll I am a fast reader, too?

I plan on finishing the last two books this weekend.....but then I will have to anxiously await the 10th book.

I'm not a very patient person either.


And oh yeah, there is a little something else going on this weekend.....

Independence Day!

You know how I know?

All of the Fireworks Stores on the Alabama/Georgia state line, have FULL parking lots!

It is illegal to sell (but not own) fireworks in Georgia, so the state-line fireworks stores are always BOOMING with customers.

Only in the South will you see a Fireworks store as big as a Wal-Mart!


If I don't make it back on here again before Saturday, I hope you ALL have a fantastic, and SAFE holiday weekend!


  1. Ca-ute haircut....!!!
    and I think I knew you had lost a baby, but not that they were triplets!!! Oh, sorry the last few weeks have been sad reminders. I hope you have good memories to get past this.
    Take care.

  2. Suzanne, click on the word "Triplets" in the post or on Chelsea's picture on the left side of the blog for the story of the triplets.

    Thanks for the compliment on the hair cut.


  3. You poor thing, i lost a baby 14 years ago, I didnt even know i was pregnant until I was losing it and I still miss him everyday, I just eknow it was a boy. So i cant imagine losing not 1 but 2 after you have gotten to know them. i will think be thinking about you. We are headed to my families lake house to relax and do some boating, I better get a move on the hubs is not a patient man, lol. HAvE A WONDErful 4th. Sue

  4. I always wondered why the fireworks store was right on the state line. Now I know. Happy 4th of July.

  5. i'm sure the month has been quite taxing on your emotions. it's okay that you wonder about all the "what if's".. just human nature to do so.. even if you cherish the wonderful girl you are blessed to have. it is weird to celebrate certain holidays, when you realize that so many of our loved ones aren't still around. just makes me realize just how OLD i am getting! hope july brings you more smiles! :D have a great 4th!!
    ps.. LOVE the haircut!!!

  6. I LOVE your hair! Sorry, I'm an idiot and CAN NOT figure out how to get the button for Allie's butterfly kisses- I've tried dozens of times!! Also, are you doing the blog hop by Mcklinky tomorrow? It would be great for you!! I just got my post typed up- be sure you check it out!!!!
    Twitter me if you need any info about it!

  7. Robin, first off I love the haircut! Short and sassy, and really cute. Secondly, it sounds as if this has been a difficult month for you. I know how precious Chelsea and Jameson are to you, but it's normal to wonder "what if". Just hug those babies tight. Hope you have a great weekend and a fun and happy 4th. Kathy

  8. Sending some extra prayers your way and thinking of you always. Thank you for the sweet, sweet post about Allie's butterflies. Love you lots!!! P.S. Love the new cut.


  9. Lots on your mind these day, but I must say you have a really cool do to top it all off with. Love the style! I totally understand how this month has been difficult for you - that's how Feb. used to be for me (long story), but at last I have found peace for that month. I wish the same for you. I imagine you will always "wonder" at what could have been, it would be so hard not to feel that way. I think it's good to acknowledge those feelings as you work through them. Glad you have your sweet Chelsea and Jamison to fill your love cup when you're feeling kinda "dry".

    Hope you've got something fun planned for the 4th.


  10. Oh Robin, I cry every time I read about your babies and Daddy. Happy tears, and sad tears. I am so blessed to have found you and now have you in my life.

    I love the new look! I also might have to go check out those books!


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