Monday, August 17, 2009

I am such a freak of nature!

How is it that the ONLY decent pictures I EVER make are on my driver's license?

Where most people dread having their license renewed and HATE their license pictures (anyone remember that "Ellen" episode?), I have always been excited about renewals because I know that I will finally have at least one half-way-decent, current picture of myself.

Instead of these.....

Since I have ALWAYS had my license pictures made at the very same place thoughout my life, I'm thinking it MUST be the camera.

Yeah, it MUST be the camera.

OK, that's it....I'm NEVER moving away from this county....


I wonder if I can get some 8 x 10's and wallets of that picture?


Oh, and how come none of my English-Major buddies out there ever told me that I was spelling Y'ALL wrong? I've been spelling it Ya'll all this time!

I am SO embarrassed!

Oh well, y'all know what I was trying to say.


And please don't forget "Allie's Butterfly Kisses" on Wednesday.

Michael and Susan are planning some very special things to commerate their daughter, Allie's first birthday. Allie passed away 7 months ago from complications from Trisomy 18.

They are such a special family to me and I know they would appreciate your thoughts and prayers during this especially sad time for them.


  1. That so funny, because my drivers license picture is the best one I've had in years too. Yours looks awesome. This precious family will be in my prayers. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

  2. You my dear, crack me up!! Great pic though, I can just hear you, come on kids, we are going to get family pics taken at the dmv! LOL

  3. It IS a great picture!! I'm STILL trying to get a decent picture for my profile images online- I hate them all- maybe I should try the DMV ;-)

  4. hello my dear friend,i missed you.
    i havent been around lately, i'm getting so lazy, are the kids? i hope they r having a great summer ..
    i think you look great in every pic! you are beautiful just the way you are...i hope to be back soon here again..xx..

  5. You are one of the most beautiful women in the world to me "inside and out"! That dmv pic really is good!
    I will be praying daily for the Brewer's! Thank you for making me aware of the special event!

  6. ok.. i think i've figured out the key to getting a good pic of you! you have to have SOMEONE ELSE take it!! lmao! we all get into the grind of trying to capture those quick pics of ourselves these days.. and if you ask me, the close-ups usually don't do us justice. at least not for me! but, just so you know.. i think you're beautiful in the driver's pic.. and all the others! :D

  7. HA! I'm the same way!! I know the little guy that takes the pictures at the courthouse here and I tell him, you better count to three before you snap cos' I am not carrying around a hideous photo for the next 4 years!! Yours is great! Is it illegal to make copies and blow them up? A nice Christmas gift maybe?

    I will pray for this family. Such a tragedy...

    Lou Cinda

  8. The only good pictures of me are on my DL too. How funny. I thought I was the only one.

  9. That is a good photo. Mine are always horrible. Thanks for the English lesson. I've always spelled it "ya'll" too!! Since I thought it was incorrect to even use the word (although I know of no substitute for it), I sure didn't know there was a correct spelling of it! Fun post, but now I hve to try to remember the correct spelling of "y'all", which really does make sense (you all). laurie

  10. my license picture is probably one of my best, and i was in a bad mood when i had it done. i had just returned from visiting my youngest son for mom's weekend at wsu, and while trying to board the plane in spokane back to seattle, they wouldn't allow me through security because i didn't look like my photo. funny, they let on me on the plane in seattle 5 days earlier.

    bottom line, i lost 150 lbs and found out that anything over 50lb difference was not ok on a license. no one told me that.

    so i took a good picture, for the first time.

    your posts always leave me smiling. i don't recall how i happened upon your blog, but i enjoy it a lot.


  11. Sue....taking the family to the DMV for pictures sounds like a great idea....why didn't I think of that? LOL!

    Silvia...I miss you too....HURRY BACK!!!

    Anon....I don't know who you are but I think I love you! LOL

    Tracie....I didn't realize that all of the other pictures I posted were all one's that I had taken myself until you said something...HILARIOUS!

    mari....have you figured out "where" you found me from yet? ;o) (the "other"

  12. That is so funny! I take awful pictures all the time, including my drivers license.


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