Saturday, August 15, 2009

ONE project down, 98,564,839 more to go!

Do any of you remember these cute little frames from my Thrift Store score a LOOOOOONG time ago?

Well, I FINALLY got them painted, pictures put in them and hung on the wall.

They look a little small for the area, but I hope to add something on the back to the toilet to help fill the space. And maybe something above them,!

I ended up painting them similar to the frame around the mirror. It is red, with rubs of brown, gold and silver. I think they turned out really cute! Not too bad for $2.00 worth of frames and leftover paint!

Wow, those really do look tiny in this picture....maybe I can figure something else to add there, too.

I am also really excited because my birthday gift from my sister-in-law, Candie, is a day's worth of help hanging crown moulding in the house.


Hubby and Candie are almost finished with the Master Bathroom. Now we just like the kitchen and back hall and all of the crown is DONE. This house may actually get finished, yet!

Seriously, I LOVE gifts of manual labor! Now if I could just find someone to "gift" me with some stacked rock so I can finish the fire place.

Speaking of birthdays, Jameson gifted me with something that never realized I needed so much.....

A Big City Super Slider Station!

Jameson was SO excited with his purchase, so of course, we had to try it out last night. It was cute and easy to use, but it wasn't quite what I hoped for.

Here is a picture of Jameson's burger...

You see that brownish-gray, tiny little blob between the pickle and the top piece of cheese?

That is the meat.

It was really small, but it tasted really good...especially since I added BACON to mine...and bacon makes everything better, RIGHT?

What "Didn't know you needed it so bad until you got it gift" has someone ever gotten for you?


  1. Hey Robin- I love the way the pictures turned out- so fun! Thanks for your encouragement- it means so very much to me! No one ever said "life" would be easy, right?!

  2. great pics, and happy that your manual labor gift is working out so well!

  3. Hey bacon, YEA!!!! :)


  4. I LOVE those pictures! They are so cute! Next week you will have to post photos of the crown molding! Love the gifts! Ones from the heart are always wonderful!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  5. This is hilarious...because Brody thinks I can't live without the Slider Station!! I'll have to share this with him..

    LOVE the pictures..they're adorable! Great job!


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