Friday, October 16, 2009

Can you get a tutor for Conduct?

Report cards came out yesterday.

Every child's worst nightmare.

Of course, Chelsea's grades are great. All "A's" and one "B", and even a 100+ in her P.E. Class.(Of course her P.E. Class consists of walking around the building with her teachers...haha.)

I nervously pulled out Jameson's report card, not knowing what I would find. I mean, the kid is super-smart, so I wasn't really worried about his academic grades....

It's the CONDUCT grade that had me worried.

And here is what he got...

(Click on the photos to make them larger)

He scores "Meets or Exceeds Standards" on every single subject EXCEPT for Conduct.


Does Sylvan Learning Center have a class for that?


  1. LOL.. not sure, but I had one like that! our oldest was so bored in school.. he looked to entertain everyone else, while entertaining himself. :P

  2. Robin, Robin, Robin. Remember Mindy, my daughter. You met her when you had your first giveaway.

    Well, flash back to kindergarten. The kid was always in trouble for visiting, socializing, and constantly wanted to go visit the nurse. Go figure. She was just a social butterfly. Well, the child was also incredibly smart and bored. She never stopped being social, which often meant disruptive. Yes, she was probably the only teen to get a B as a TA in high school because she couldn't stop visiting.

    She graduated from college, with honors. She's still a social butterfly and she's a brilliant woman.

    Some day you will look back and it will all make sense.

  3. I promise that you WILL get through this and it will make you both stronger!!! Hang in there- he sure is smart!!!

  4. Marla, we have definitely figured out that a lot of his problem is that he is so bored. He catches on to concepts the first time they are presented, so all the rest is just overkill for him.

    We are working with the teacher to try to get some of the classroom structure changed for him, but we can't request an IEP for him until we have a diagnosis of ADHD. We are working on that right now. I DON'T want him medicated, but I do want him challenged in the classroom.

    The poor baby is trying so hard to be good. When he gets home from school in the afternoons, he is worn out.

  5. Okay, I have one JUST like this! His name is Cameron and he is 17 now! What I have learned, which is still true is, either his teachers LOVE him or.....not!

    He is active, he is chatty, he is precious sweet! We gotta take the bad with the good. I used to freak out about it, but not so much anymore. Right now all of his teachers LOVE him!! So, that is good!

    As long as I am not getting calls and notes sent home, and he is doing well in his classes....I'm good!

    So I say, Bravo Jameson for such a GOOD REPORT CARD!!

    Buy him some ice cream and have a great weekend!!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  6. PS Cameron is ADHD too and we never did the medication either.

    Lou Cinda ;)

  7. My son Chris was diagnosed with ADHD when he was in elementary school. We put him on Adderall XR and it worked like a charm to control his "impulsivity" and outbursts in class. It also helped him concentrate on his classwork and not be so absentminded.
    When he got older he matured and outgrew it and didnt need the Adderall help anymore. He's a straight A student in 12th grade and wants to be an Engineer next year when he goes off to college. :D

  8. I understand. I really do!

    I keep seeing the word "partially" though. Call me an optimist.

  9. I can't help it. I think it's great. :)

  10. Also, I tagged you! Check out "8 Things at Random" on my blog.

  11. When they are al grown up, you look back on those days and wonder why you were so worried. It's great that you can have a sense of humor about it. Keep smiling! laurie

  12. I would have paid good money to see that good a conduct grade from my super bright boy. He then went to lousy academic grades, then refusing to go to school. He only graduated from HS because, as the vice principal told me, he did not want to be there, I did not want him to be there, and they sure did not want him any more. He is finishing his second M.S. and teaching at a community college. He's finally not bored. Have a good ride! You are in much better shape than we were.

  13. Good luck with the ADHD struggle, we have been fighting the good fight for a long time. My son is 18 now but it has been a long road. I cant say I have ever seen a report card with no letter grades though!


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