Monday, January 11, 2010

Dagum it!

Here I was, all prepared tonight......

I even made my Slacker Mama Chicken Casserole and everything.

I'm sitting in my favorite chair, with a big ol' plate of said chicken casserole and a Coke Zero....

I turned on the television and what do I NOT see?

"The Conveyor Belt of Love!"


I mean, you can't just tease me with all of this incredibly stupid sure-to-be-award-winning great television and then just YANK it away!

That is just awful!

What am I, and the rest of the entire United States, supposed to watch after the "The Bachelor" now?

I am so upset!

Who do I call?

Well, if that's the way they want it....

I guess I will just have to watch "Jersey Shore" instead!

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  1. So sorry about The Bachelor, but I LOVE the phrase "dagum it!" Don't hear it much and think it's fabulous!! Good luck finding something to watch....!

  2. Don't do Jersey Shores, that show makes my skin crawl. Surely there is something on worthy to watch?

  3. Don't worry Mari, I was just being sarcastic! LOL ;o)

  4. Jennie.....I pronounce it like "DA GUMMIT!" LOL

  5. House is on, and after that Two and a Half Men, then my favorite- Big Bang Theory! I have to tape Fringe. Too many good shows on all at once! LOL!

  6. Hey Robin !! Newie here. I almost fixed Chicken Casserole also tonight, But did fix House cheeseburger and homecut fries. Glad I found your Blog. I am enjoying so much. April In Alabama

  7. I need your chicken casserole it on a previous blog? I need some new ideas....I cook the same things e-v-e-r-y week!! ugh

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