Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Husband...

Cooks on the grill....

In FOURTEEN DEGREE weather....

Wearing THIS...

And this was after I MADE him put some shoes on.


  1. Oh Robin sweetie...
    What can I say, A typical man hu? We go out in out socks and shoes, our neck scraves, all of it to prevent getting sick, and they go out like it is 110 degrees out there.

    And remind me how is it that they never get sick and we do? Something is certainly wrong with this picture.

    Ya gotta love it. He should be living here in Phoenix. We had 70 degree weather and the sun is so nice and warm. Reminds me why we moved here over 25 years ago.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. Thanks for sharing, as it made me smile.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  2. So funny!!! Men are just HOT natured beasts!

    Lou Cinda

  3. Thats a man for ya! and we wonder where our kids get it from!

  4. If he saw Chelsea or Jameson go out dressed like that, he'd probably have a cow. This is just too funny. Kathy

  5. Just be grateful that your man COOKS! On the grill or anywhere else, for that matter! If it gets grilled around here, I'm the one doin' it. And I DO grill during the winter. I just do it in a whole lot more clothes than what he's wearing! ;)

  6. Soooo happy to see my husband isn't the ONLY one!!! I'm thankful to still have some control over my children...!!

  7. WHAT a trooper! I wanted grilled food So bad this weekend - especially for the game but to be nice to my boyfriend I bought Brats and suggested he use the Forman grill indoors!

    I'm so happy you found my blog and commented so I could find yours! ox

  8. It just proves that men are from Mars and women are Venus ...really!!!

  9. K-dawg is guilty of doing the same thing...crazy boys!

  10. That is funny! It always amazes me when people wear short outside when it is that cold! He must not mind. Lucky you for grilling!

  11. Hills and their grills! haha. We've decided to have our open house/get together/whatever you want to call it on Saturday Jan 23rd at 2 till whenever. We'll have snacks/drinks, and maybe some roasted peacocks. I'm gonna send out a message on facebook too. Hope yall get to come! If you do, I can either give you directions or you can follow someone like Granny or Aunt Sandy (if they come), They both should know the way!

  12.! I just caught mine going to get more firewood wearing an undershirt, pajama pants...and dress shoes. It is FREEZING! Hope yall are staying warm! :)

  13. Too Funny!! ONly in Bama huh?!? Matt is the same way.. I don't get it.. I love to wear sweatshirts and shorts in the Fall... But it has been like 15 degrees outside.. and he is in a T-shirt?!? LOL Brrr.. it makes me cold to look at him :)
    And by the way.. I am glad that your husband 'introduced' us too! ;)
    Have a wonderful week!

  14. Marty looks great! To me it doesn't matter what my man wears while he's grilling, what matters is that he's out there doing it and I dont have to! LOL!

  15. Like Kelli said, be glad your man does the grilling. And, by the way, I have been known to grill in 15 degree weather wearing about the same amount of clothes as Marty. It has something to do with those pesky hot flashes, LOL



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