Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nope, No way....Ain't gonna happen!

Well, well, well......when I got home LATE this evening from work (just love working until 6:45 pm and then driving an hour-and-a-half home), I noticed there were a couple of calls on the caller ID that I didn't recognize.

They were "local" calls, but I didn't know the name.

At first I thought it was a wrong number, but they called two times within about a 1 minute time period.

I then noticed there were some messages on the voice mail.

When the first voice message came on, all I could make out was the name "Chelsea", "call me back", and some giggling.

The next message was "Oh yeah, my number is xxxx"

Oh, and I did I mention the voice on the other line was MALE?

Not only was it a BOY calling, I seemed to recognize the voice of the boy who was calling.

Finally, I put the voice, the message, and the last name on the caller ID together.....


One of Chelsea's "friends" in her class.

Chelsea was at her Nana's house, so I called her to let her know that her "friend" called her and he wanted her to call him back.

She QUICKLY said "Nope, I'll just talk to him in the morning at school."

(That's MY girl!)

She then handed the phone to my mother, and ran out of the room red-faced and laughing. (per what my mother said)

My mom said "What did you say to her?"

So I had to fill her in on the events of the past few moments.

I wish I could say my evening ended there.....but I can't.

Five minutes later, our little Romeo called back again....

OK, what should I do? Ignore the call? Talk to him? Pack up all of our stuff and move to Alaska?

I finally decided to answer the phone and let him know that Chelsea was at her Nana's and she would talk to him in the morning.

Well, he was kinda sad about that news, but that was OK.....he proceeded to just talk to me for the next 30 minutes.

We talked about houses, busted water pipes, Church, the cold, Reading class (theirs, not mine), dinner, Alabama football, teachers (again theirs, not mine), General Hospital, and several other topics that I just couldn't quite understand.

I got a little offended when he hung up on me right in the middle of our chicken casserole conversation, but he quickly called me back and apologized.

I still don't know WHY he hung up on me though....maybe he is a vegetarian or something.

Finally, his mother found out he had been on the phone for 30 minutes and she made him hang up.

Dagum parents!

Oh wait, I'm a parent....

Scratch that.

So now I just don't know what to think.

Chelsea is ONLY 17, she doesn't need to be talking to boys.

I mean, it's OK if she is in love with the characters on General Hospital...

There is no way she will ever get close enough to them to touch them, unless I drive her to them.

(Which I did do back in August, but I was there to watch their grubby little paws...LOL)

But this is a REAL, LIVE BOY that she sees every, single day at school.

What's a mom to do?

I think starting immediately, HOME SCHOOL is in order!

Right after I change our phone number....


  1. Never got to experience that from the perspective of a girl's parents, since I have three boys. Kind of scary, right?

  2. Oh, honey, Robin, your baby is growing up. Once those hormones kick it's just so sweet to watch the "I like you dance" that happens with the cute boy at school. So sweet.

  3. This is only the beginning! Sounds like he is buttering you up! Better watch him! lol What does dad think of this?

  4. LMAO!! Robin, I think it is just getting started!! And it is scary! Even though I have boys, it is STILL scary! My 17 year old has had the same girlfriend for over a year!!!!! Good thing is, she is 15 fixing to be 16 in March, so so far no dating. He goes to her house, with her parents there only and her ballgames and stuff like that. But come March? It all changes cos' then she can date! Her mom and I have already decided...we are following them!!!

    Good luck to you finding a nice home in cozy Alaska!!

    Lou Cinda

  5. robin... you kill me!! i'm cracking up!!! :D having a girl myself, i get it!

  6. This is one hilarious story. I love the way you write. :-)

  7. Aw, that's so nice that she has an admirer (did I spell that right?.) Chris who is also 17 doesnt have a girlfriend yet, and he was sort of worried about why girls didnt like him... he's shy so I think that's part of the problem.. I told him not to be bummed out because he's going off to college this summer and whatever relationship he had would probably disolve then anyway.

  8. You should immediately lock Chelsea in a closet. I know first hand what boys will do to you. They'll whisk you away to the farm and crush your dreams of ever becoming a race car driver.

  9. Everybody, Y'all are SERIOUSLY making me laugh my bottie off! I almost got in trouble at work for laughing so loud the people in the hall could hear me!

    Stacey.....Daddy doesn't like it one little bit! He was ready to ship her to a convent last night! LOL

    Cherie, tell Chris not to worry....the absolute perfect girl will come along one day and she will definitely be worth the wait!

    Steph, you are cracking me up!

  10. Robin, do they have FB in Alaska? oh they do, well then ok, you guys can move there, but just a warning, there are lots of men in Alaska, lol. Honestly though, what a sweet story. Just the first of many suiters for your little girl! Sue

  11. Well, MY perspective is a little different, having two sons. That poor boy!!! Once Chelsea turned that sweet, sweet smile his way he was probably a goner. His talking to you for so long was a definite cry for help, looking for some understanding into the feminine mystique. He probably doesn't know which way to turn. Next thing you know, his mom will be calling you, suggesting your daughter is chasing after her precious son. (That bit about talking to him the next day at school was just a playing hard to get routine, wasn't it?)


  12. Sorry for the anonymous posting Robin, but I still can't remember my log in info. (DUH) That's what I get for not checking in for a couple of weeks. Put it down to my advanced years, LOL

    By the way, there's a company in our town that makes chastity belts.



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