Thursday, January 21, 2010

Decide Already!

Look closely at these two keypads...

Do you see any differences?

(I mean other than one is a telephone and one is a computer keypad.)


Let me see if this helps...

Dear Techno-gizmo designers of the World....



  1. rofl that's funny! I too never noticed, just click away!

  2. Engineers aren't the smartest cookies in the world. Just check out those directions that we're supposed to "follow" when putting together toys/bookshelves/etc. Everyday people, that aren't too smart to lack common sense, should be hired to do some of these jobs. :-P

  3. LOL.. we really are scarey the way we look at life around us! i noticed this a few months ago.. wondering WHY they do this?! guess it's MEN who do most of the designing of electronics! LOL ;)

  4. Good point. I must admit that I rarely use the number keys on the right side of my computer keyboard. I learned to type back in the dark ages on a manual typewriter with blank keys, and the only numbers were the ones on the top row. So I got used to using those numbers, and I forget about that group of number keys on the right side of the keyboard.

  5. I'm with you! And I wish they would make it the same standard for credit card machines. There's nothing worse than realizing you transposed the numbers in the amount due when processing someone's card. I trained on a 10 key (speaking of dark ages) and if the numbers aren't in the same pattern I am just lost! Kathy

  6. Good idea Robin! You tell 'em girlfriend! laurie

  7. Robin, so true, I have always wondered why???

  8. I learned the speed adding machine thing in high school. So, i have always been well aware of the difference. The WHY? I don't remember. I think it has something to do with...oh, never mind...i have NO idea. LOL!


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