Friday, January 8, 2010

January 7, 2010

This was one day in my life that I don't think I will ever forget.

First, we got a little bit of this....


It wasn't enough to throw snowballs and make snowmen, but it was just enough to prevent a "Come-Apart" by Jameson.

Thank you James Spann!

Most of you "Northerners" are laughing hysterically that we are so excited over a little "dusting" of the white stuff, but when you NEVER, EVER, EVER see snow, the tiniest bit of it sends us into hysteria!

(As evidenced by our schools and businesses being closed for not one, but TWO days!)


Then, late last night, the Alabama Crimson Tide won their 13th National Championship!

The last time they pulled this off was in 1992, the year the triplets were born....

And I don't remember one, single thing about that Championship winning year.

Not one, single thing.

To most of you non-football fans, or Alabama football "haters" (which really came out of the woodwork last night....**sheesh**) this isn't a really big deal either....

But for this SEC-Alabama Crimson Tide-Nick Saban-Roll Tide-LOVING gal,

It was a HUGE deal!

The absolute sports highlight of my year!

I only wish my Daddy and my Nanny (my mother's mother) were alive to see it.

They LIVED for Alabama football season, so I guess I get it honestly!


But, between the "blizzard" and the the game, something else happened that has changed things in our lives completely...

This is our OLD house.

The house Marty and I moved into when we first got married.

The house where my all my babies spent their first nights at home.

The house where we lost two of those precious babies.

The house where we mourned our children and tried to learn how to live a new, heartbroken life.

The house where I learned about raising a daughter with special needs.

The house where I learned about raising a healthy, rambunctious son.

The house where we dreamed and made plans for our future.

This is our house, our first house....

And now it is gone.

The walls are still there, but the fire chief said he thinks it is a "total loss".

Nothing left but the memories....

Both good and bad.

Just like January 7th, 2010


  1. I know you weren't living there now Robin, but it's still a huge loss. I'm sorry you have to deal with this. {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}


  2. It had to be so painful to see the house in that condition. :( I am so very sorry. But I'm happy for you since Alabama won (even though the only college football I follow is WVU or Marshall) and I'm also happy for your snow! I love the stuff and right now we have probablyy 8-10 inches of it! :)

  3. Robin, I am so sorry with what has happened to your first home together as a family. You and Marty went through so much in that home together and probably even grew up, a lot, together in that home. I am very sorry.

    Go Alabama!!

    I* don't know if I've told you or not but my mom's family is all in Andalusia and I spent my entire childhood spending summers there at my Grandmother's home in Gantt. The popular talks of conversation were "Days of Our Lives" and Football.

    One of my son's very best friends is graduating from Law school at UofA in May and we are seriously considering going, and May is good time to go weather wise.


  4. Robin, I'm so glad that Jameson got his snow! It cracks me up that everything closed for 2 days, the same thing would have happened here. You can't get near the grocery store if they mention the white stuff! And I'm so sorry about your first house, I know that there were so memories there for you. And congratulations to your Tide (it's killing me to type that jk)I know what you mean about the haters coming out of the woodwork, you should hear some of the stuff being said about Texas by the Aggie fans. It's so much fun to cheer on our teams, and even get a bit rabid about it, but in the end they are really a bunch of kids and it's a GAME for goodness sake! Have a great weekend and stay warm! Kathy

  5. Rogin, I can understnd how that house was a part of your heped to mold you into the person you are today...I am so sorry this leaves a mark doesn't it...

    I am an Auburn fan but girl, I pulled for that Tide as hard as I could! I was a maniac!! I am SO excited that they won!! Steve is HUGE Alabama so he was SO excited....though he is so quiet, you really wouldn't know it! lol He leaves he screaming to me!

    Stay warm and have a great weekend!

    Lou Cinda xoxo

  6. I hate typos that I don't catch! That is supposed to start out ~ RoBin NOT Rogin


  7. oh hun.. sorry about the house. that's a tough one, and i am feeling for you.
    glad Jameson got his snow!! too bad he couldn't go enjoy the 7 inches plus kev and B are getting in ohio!! soooo left on trip just in time!! orlando is a beautiful 60 degrees and i'm a happy camper!

  8. I'm so glad Jameson was pleased with the snow. I thought about him when it started falling here! So sorry about the house =( That is so sad.

  9. Seeing the pictures of your house made me cry -- I can't imagine how hard it was to see the place that was the background for so many memories in such ruin. Sending warm thoughts your way -- and way to go 'Bama!

  10. Well, I'm coming in a year after the fact but that's okay. What an emotional week you guys had! That had to have been hard, to have the house burn, but I'm so grateful nobody was inside and hurt!


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