Monday, January 18, 2010

My blankie has a first name, it's H-O-L-E-Y

I have a confession to make.

I don't always make my bed in the morning.

And since I'm being honest here....

Actually, I rarely make my bed at all.

For example, if you were to just unexpectedly show up at my house any given day, my bed would not look like this:

It would look more like this:


I know, I know....some of you out there are probably freaking out right now, and deleting me from your blog lists.

Please don't! I'm trying to do better!


I took the first step in making my bed looking more presentable today.

First, some backstory.

You see that ugly peach, cream, yellow and green comforter in the second picture? I bought that thing about 20 years ago to use in my then "updated" bedroom.

I bought the comforter set, the curtains, the wallpaper, the pillows.....everything to completely change the look of my master bedroom. I wanted to get rid of the old "country" decor I had, and update the room into the 90's!

Well, I used the curtains and the comforter set, but the wallpaper remained in a drawer until we moved here two years ago.

Yes, I was a slacker even then.

I loved that comforter. I slept under it every single night.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

We just used that comforter, nothing else.


Another confession, I don't use a top sheet either.

Never have.


And there goes the rest of you!


Anyway, when the peach and green decor of the early 90's made way for the "Barney purple" bedroom of the late 90's....

(You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it....

Let's just say, the paint started out as "eggplant", and ended up the color of Barney.)

I couldn't bear to part with my comforter.

It was so soft and comfy and just smelled good.

So, we just kept sleeping under it, and covered it up with the new "pretty" comforter.

When we actually made the bed, that is.

This continued, year after year.

We would get a pretty new comforter set, but continue to sleep under that old, ugly 1990's comforter.

When we moved into this house, and got yet another beautiful new comforter set, we still continued sleeping under "old faithful".

Much to my hubby's dismay.

He thought that once we moved here, the old comforter would be banished to the back of the closet, or better yet, the garbage.



Well, up until about 6 months ago, "Old Faithful" had held up pretty well.

Sure, she was worn and faded, but there wasn't a single hole in her.

She kept us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Then I started noticing a thin spot here, and a thin spot there.

THEN, I noticed stuffing.


My most favorite blankie ever is starting to come apart!

I mean, how dare a comforter that has been washed at least once, and sometimes two or three times a week for the past 20 years start to come apart?

What poor workmanship!

So, I started thinking about ways I could save my precious cover.

I thought about patching and sewing all of the worn areas, but I quickly realized that would only be a temporary fix.

Then I decided to try to make a cover for it out of two flat sheets.

You know, since we never use

But, I don't sew very well, and I hated to bother my mother by asking her to help me.

So, I started looking into duvet covers.

It's a great idea, however, attractive duvets can be really pricey!

I mean, I don't mind paying a little more money for something that is going to last, but since I was only trying out this idea, I hated to spend a ton of money for something if we ended up hating it.

So, I just kept looking for sales, and on eBay for the perfect one.

THEN, during a chance run-to-the-bathroom visit to Ross (for Jameson, not me), I came across this:


"Old Faithful" has a purdy new dress!

It's not a "perfect" match to our current bedroom decor, but for $18.99, it's pretty dang close!

It washed very well, and didn't shrink at all.

It also came with two pillow shams and three pillows!


This is NOT replacing our current GORGEOUS comforter set, it is just what we will be using to sleep under every night.

Any time we know company is coming over, we will still use our "good" set to make the bed.

But this way, we can still wash it once or twice a week, and save the wear and tear of our old comforter, and protect our new comforter as well.

Now in the mornings, when we throw this cover over the bed, our bed will at least look "sort-of" made.

Hey, it's a start!


  1. I cannot believe you don't sleep under a top sheet....I HAVE to have mine!!! I like the duvet cover, I think it does match pretty well. That's what Morgan got to go in her new house!!! Target has great buys on them!! Love beth

  2. Beth, I promise, I've TRIED sleeping under a top sheet, but it always ends up wadded up at the bottom of the bed every morning, so I just gave up! It's just one less thing for me to wash! LOL

  3. That is tooooo funny. Isn't it funny how you can get so attached and used to certain bedding. I do that with sheets. I hate new sheets and wash them dozens of times before I will use them. I love them to be really soft and just already worn in. Your new duvet is just fabulous. What a great buy. Hugs, Marty

  4. Robin, Robin, Robin,

    When you come visit me I know you will be really comfortable here! You will be happy with old and soft and that sooo works in my linen closet.

    Wait, I'm old and soft....bedding, this post is about bedding :)

  5. Well, I tell my guests when it comes to the guest room, they will get clean sheets and that is about all I can promise. LOL We rarely sleep with our comforter. We have a top sheet and thermal blanket, and roll the comforter down unless it is super cold. Keep in mind we have three little bed warmers in bed with us. Plus I am just hot natured. (no, not in that way!) LOL And while we are sharing our secrets, I don't always make mu bed either. Some days I do, some days I don't. Please, please don't tell my Mama. :) Hugs, Barb

  6. what is this "making the bed" that you speak of? What's the sense? It's just going to get lumpy when you climb back in under the blankie. LOL
    I don't use a top sheet either and all my bed gets in the morning is a tug or two. The ONLY time our bed looks as good as your top photo is when I change the linens. See, we are sisters. LOL


  7. Robin, you won't believe this, but that floral comforter is the same pattern that Tracie and Stacie had when we first moved into our 'newly built' house in Munford. I saw them in some store, which name escapes me now, and thought they were cute. Neighbor heard me and told others and several went together to get them for the girls' twin beds. They loved them and used them for many years!!! They even took them to college. Love the new one! Linda B.

  8. Robin you already know that i am not a bed maker either. And hey guess what i dont use a top sheet either. We are silly girls, lol. I will start working on those aprons! Hope your bed is comfy cozy for you!

  9. Hysterical!! Now THIS is why I love your blog! You are so honest and you can laugh at yourself- fabulous!!! We all have our "issues," but we can't all admit them and laugh about them! Good for you ;-)

  10. LOL! Y'all are making me feel so much better!

    Linda, I got that comforter at Thornton's Lake near Hokes Bluff. I'm telling you, if ALL comforters were made that well, you would only have to have 3 or 4 in a whole lifetime. I promise, 6 months ago, not any holes or anything in it. Just wear and fading. Our washing machine is on the fritz and has started tearing everything up.

    Jenny, thanks! I know there isn't a bed in your house that is unmade....please send me some of your energy! LOL

  11. I don't EVER make my bed, and none of the blankets match on it either!

  12. I make the bed every few days (usually when I wash the bedding). Love the duvet cover, I think it works well with you "company" bedding! But if you find an easy way to get that comforter stuffed into the duvet cover without breaking into a sweat or swear words, let me know - pretty please?! Kathy

  13. Kathy, it was much easier than I thought, but it did take two of us to get it in.

    We started with the top of the comforter, and inserted that end into the open end of the duvet cover. (We put the 'open' end on the bottom end of the bed). We scrunched up the duvet cover until the corners of the comforter were touching the (closed end) corners of the duvet. Marty then held the two corners, and I slid the duvet cover over the comforter. It literally took about a minute to do!

  14. new to your blog and have so enjoyed getting to know you! My middle son (age 13) has finally figured it all out. He sleeps on top of his comforter, covers up with a snuggie and an old comforter, and viola! In the morning other covers go in the closet and bed is already made!

  15. Welcome Ottszoo! I've may have been known to do that a time-or-two when I was still living at! My son has started doing that too!

  16. I usually read and lurk, but I HAD to comment this time. You just made my day! I finally feel like a normal person, haha. I, too, have the comforter folded up "in case" company comes...but at night it's my trusty quilt for me, and the cotton blanket for my hubby. We have a king size bed, and we're both blanket hogs. Seperate blankets, problem solved! Also, NO top sheet!!!

  17. LOL
    Who knew?
    Your secret is safe with me...We all have our little secret issues - I'm the same way with sheets and pajamas. The longer you wash them the softer they become; I totally "get it".

  18. I love your bedroom and here I was thinking you were a hard woman to keep up with!! My bed never looks that good LOL

    However, I must climb into a made bed every night. If I leave before hubby and he doesn't make it we must make it before we go to bed. he hates that, but he does it for me.

    I don't like a top sheet and the first time hubby was staying at my house and I didn't have a top sheet he freaked out. He couldn't sleep. The next day we had to make a trip to Macy's to buy new sheets and put the top sheet on the bed just for him.

    Our bedroom has a cabin in beach look to it, which it is. I change the comforter at least every other month and have extras to throw on if one gets dirty from the dog jumping on the bed. I had an all white bedroom until I married Phil and his dogs, and now I just go with the flow and buy anything Hotel or Martha Stewart or Calvin K. at Macy's to keep on hand to use someday. (wish I'd known you wanted a duvet, I must have a dozen in the linen closet.)


  19. SHUT UP! Thorntons Lake?? My best friend of all time worked at Thorntons Lake for years! She was their office manager! And Leith Thornton Moring is also a good friend of mine! I have bought SO MUCH stuff out there! SMALL WORLD!

    Now as for the bed, I make mine everyday because I am OCD. It is a sickness, and I wouldn't wish it on anybody...seriously. Not fun! It's like a compulsion...hate it!

    I think the new one looks great and works in your room perfectly. Still LOVE the pictures over your those....

    Lou Cinda :)

  20. Lou Cinda.....What a SMALL world! My sister-in-law introduced me to Thornton's Lake back in the late 80's. We used to drive up every couple of months and buy TONS of stuff. I seriously LOVED that place! I NEVER went there without coming home with a car load of stuff!

    I sure wish they still had that bin fabric like they used to.

  21. I have our old faithful hiding under my 'dress bedding' as well. Only it was at my husband's urging to keep ours. I would say it's at least 15 years old -- and the best part? It's denim! So you know what they say about an old pair of jeans each time you wash it? I just love the feel of it -- the weight of it -- the look of it. Wait -- scratch that last one! It has faded to a pale shade of blue similar to the acid-washed jeans of the 80's, has a few permanent spots and (GASP) the edge just began fraying on one side! I am embarrassed to admit what I paid for my fancy bedding (duvet) but she is soooooo pretty and I refuse to use her b/c she is dry clean only and I don't want to clean her. So I treat the way you would respect any beautiful thing -- I carefully fold her down at night and lay her on my hope chest at the end of the bed. I never ever even sit on her -- I know -- ridiculous. I scolded my husband once b/c he let the company put their coats on our bed!!!! Ackckckck!!!

    Blankie lovers unite!!

  22. You are SOOO funny! I read your current post, and since I had missed this post, I had to come back and read it, and no, I didn't delete you from my blog list! Up until I started blogging, I made my bed up every morning. Now, I rarely do it! Blogging has been a bad influence on me. I hope you get used to your new duvet, because it sure is pretty. laurie


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