Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Somebody is taking this whole "Twilight-thing" WAAAAY too serious!

Hubby just found this article on AOL News...

Click HERE for a direct link to the story, complete with a video.

Driver Crashes SUV While Fleeing Vampire (or So She Says)

(June 30) - A Colorado driver thought she spotted a vampire -- then something really went bump in the night.

The 58-year-old motorist said she crashed her car into a canal in Mesa County because she was trying to get away from a vampire.

Authorities told KKCO-TV that the driver claimed she spotted the bloodsucker while driving on a dirt road outside Fruita, Colo., on Sunday -- so she threw the car into reverse in an attempt to escape.

At around 9:25 p.m., the woman's red Chevy Blazer "traveled off the right side of the road, where it rolled into a ditch," according to a Colorado State Patrol police report.

Fortunately, the crash -- which occurred three days before the premiere of the hotly anticipated vampire-themed flick "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" -- didn't turn out to be truly bloody. The driver escaped uninjured and was reportedly picked up and driven home by her husband.

Law enforcement officials found no traces of alcohol, drugs or vampires at the scene. According to The Denver Post, the driver might have taken some medication earlier in the day.

Colorado State Trooper Heather Cobler told AOL News she hasn't received other calls about vampire sightings in Mesa County -- or vampires in general, for that matter.

"I haven't had any other reports of anything like this in that area -- or in that weekend," she said. "Nor as a state trooper have I ever been privy to a report of that nature."


My question is, if he looked like one of the Cullens in Twilight, WHY in the world was she running from him?

I mean, really?

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