Monday, July 12, 2010

All good things must come to an end...

The last two months have been really good!

Because of Marty's carpel tunnel issue, he has been at home since May.

Other than the post-op weeks right after each surgery, it's almost been like a two month long vacation.

Well, HE may not agree, but we have LOVED him being home with us.

Jameson has had so much fun having his daddy around 24/7!

They have "worked",  read, gone on adventures, taken father-son trips,

They have just spent a ton of quality time together!

But Jameson isn't the only one who is enjoying him being home all day.

I may have enjoyed him being around just a little.

Well, more than just a little....

A Lot!

It's been really nice knowing that he's HERE, away from those 40,000 volt power lines he "dances" with all day long.

(Don't get me wrong, we are incredibly thankful he has a great job.)

Well, all of that changes tomorrow....

He goes back to work.


I can't wait for retirement!


  1. What to say?
    But glad he's well now!!
    that's all I got, Girl!

  2. LOL, thanks for your sympathy!! You are just too funny!

  3. i know the feeling, i love it when my dh is home,really!!!...hope you feel better marty!!

  4. Funny that Jameson & his friend thought the camp "thang" and the bra were connected. It's totally true that boys/men always have sex of some type on their mind!! LOLOLOL

  5. glad he's well enough to head back to work.. but know how you feel! hate when kev has to go back to work after being home for a week or more.. get spoiled!

  6. All i can say is that, Its glad to hear he's well now!

  7. It's totally true that boys/men always have sex of some type on their mind! thanx for the post.


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