Monday, November 22, 2010

Mama's Mumblings

This has been a really lazy, uneventful week, so I thought I would just do another installment of Mama's Mumblings!

One of these shoes is for my EIGHT year old, the other is for my EIGHTEEN year old.  Wanna guess who's is who's?

Yes, my son has abnormally large feet, and my daughter has abnormally small feet.

Jameson wears a size 4 and Chelsea wears a size 2.

Yes, I said a TWO!  Her feet have always been very, very small, and they just completely stopped growing about 4 years ago.  Thank goodness she isn't tall or she may just topple over!

For the past 4 or 5 years, Jameson seems to go through a growth spurt sometime around Thanksgiving.  It never fails, all the new clothes he gets to start school in, are too small by the time Christmas rolls around.  This year, I ended up buying his clothes (pants especially) a little big, so thankfully, they still fit.

His shoes, however, were a different story.  Not only has he outgrown his shoes, he has just about wore them slap out!  Chelsea's school shoes from 3 years ago still look brand new, Jameson's look like, like....well, this....

What does he do in those things?

 I went to Hobby Lobby the other day to pick up a few things I needed and I came across a HUGE 80% off Fall merchandise sale.  I must have gotten there at a good time because there was a lot of stuff left.  My favorite things I found were these....

These are the only one's I have pictures of, but I have a ton of smaller balls, too.  They are a perfect match for my dining room!  They are really heavy and well made.  And the best part, they were all a dollar or less!

I just love finding a great deal!


I finally broke down a bought a steam mop.  I did a lot of research, and I ended up buying the Eureka Enviro Steamer.

It seems to work really well, however, I used it for about 30 minutes, got tired of mopping with it and left it sitting right there...HaHa!  I plan on finishing the rest of the house before Thanksgiving.


I've had Z-E-R-O energy to get anything done around here.  My Christmas tree is still not decorated, the house isn't dusted, the throw rugs aren't washed, the floors aren't steam-mopped (ha), and I have a ton of Christmas ornaments I need to be working on for other people. (Why can't I say "No" again?)  Oh, and I am having my entire family here on Thursday for Thanksgiving brunch!  

Shouldn't I be doing something?

I do work better under pressure, so I guess I will be killing myself on Wednesday trying to get everything usual!

I blame it all on my husband.  He was off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday...and for some reason, when he's at home I get NOTHING accomplished!

Is anyone else like that?


I did manage to get Jameson's room cleaned while Marty was outside doing yard work.  For the first time in forever his entire room is clean.  His room, his floor, under his bed, and his closet!

 (I seriously need another nightstand for him...these el-cheapo drawers were meant to go in his closet for storage, but he adopted them as another nightstand)

Well, I almost managed to get everything done....

By the time I got finished with everything else, I was too tired to sort all of his books.  That was early Saturday....I am embarrassed to say, the books are still there.


I've had a cold for FOUR weeks now.

That's the longest I've ever had anything!  I do feel better since I stopped talking my cold medicine though!

I'm trying to figure out if it's the cold medicine that's been making it worse or all the new Scentsy stuff I've been using.  I PRAY it's not my Scentsy!  I'm obsessed with the Winter Wonderland's minty smell!

(Photo from the Scentsy website)


Jameson was selected as a Excellent Writer in his class, so he was invited to participate in the "Writer's Cafe" this week at his school.  Each child that was chosen, was asked to read one of their stories to a group of family and students.  He was so excited and did a really great job. 

He kept saying "I feel like I am going to a job interview with the government with these clothes on."  Where does he get this stuff?  I guess that's why he's an "Excellent writer".

 (This picture of Chelsea just cracks me up!)

Jameson and I were really happy that my mom and Chelsea were able to come!


My friend, Susan, who just delivered precious baby Reese on Wednesday has been having a really rough time.  She's had some pretty serious post-partum complications, but fortunately I just found out that she is finally stable enough to come home.  Please pray for this wonderful family that things will be smooth sailing once they get home.


I think I am going to take a little blogging break over the next several days, writing and reading,  so I want to wish you all a 

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