Monday, November 29, 2010

Slacker Mama Thanksgiving 2010

Thanks to all of you for being so understanding about taking a little break this week.  It has been really nice not having to worry about making sure I have a post up every couple of days. 

I have missed you all very much!

Thanksgiving 2010 was fantastic!
This was the very first year I've hosted my family's annual Thanksgiving brunch.  I was a little nervous, but everything went PERFECT!

Well, except for the fact Jameson's newly completely organized room and closet was "destroyed" (his words)  by some certain cousins who shall remain nameless.  Poor Jameson was so upset about his room, at one point, he literally walked out and ended up in our bedroom, door closed, watching cartoons by himself.  He's told us that we can never, ever, ever have Thanksgiving here again.

Bless his heart.

In typical "Slacker Mama" fashion, I waited until the last minute to get the house ready.  I was very fortunate that hubby was home on Wednesday, so I had TONS of help cleaning up the house.  Marty is a fantastic "deep cleaner" and by Wednesday night, we could literally eat off of every surface....including the bathroom floors!  I don't know how I got so lucky!

We woke up Wednesday morning to a house that looked like this:

 (You know, they say it looks worse before it looks better....right?)

And by Thursday morning, it looked like this:

I was excited to get to use the dining room as the "buffet", and the countertop worked great for the "hot beverage station"

All the food was fantastic, but the biggest hit was Kim Wheelers "Christmas Crack"

It tasted SO GOOD, and anytime you are serving "crack", jokes are aplenty!

It was so fantastic just sitting around eating and talking with my immediate family!
 (My mother and my niece, Selena)

 (My great-nephews Patrick and Langdon, my niece, Jennifer, my great-niece, Kacie, Jameson, Chelsea, and my niece, Laura)

(Laura holding our newest family member, Lucas)

 (Marty getting his baby fix with Lucas)

 (My nephew, Adam, prepared for anything)

 (Jennifer and Lucas)

 (My brother-in-law, Jerry, and my sister, Diane)

(My great-nephew, Bryson)

As soon as everyone left, the food was packed away, and the dishwasher loaded, we were off to my mother-in-law's for the "traditional" Thanksgiving dinner.

Look at all that food!

And this is just the dinner food....all the desserts are completely covering the counter behind the table.

 (My mother-in-law and my niece, Shelby)

The food was fantastic and the company was great, too!  After gorging ourselves to death, we went back to my sister-in-law's new house to see her latest accomplishments.  Last Thanksgiving, all that was there was a shell.  They are almost finished with everything and hope to be moved in by Christmas.  

Candie and her husband, Al, have done most of the work themselves, but the attention to detail is just phenomenal.  For instance, this is the ceiling to one of their outdoor porches:

 Candie cut and laid all the wood herself.  Can you believe it?

(Oh, and BTW, does anybody recognize the wood?  It's the leftover hardwood flooring from our house!)

This is the ceiling in her dining room:

 I just wish you could see all the detail in all of the moldings.  Candie also cut, mitered, and installed all the moldings.

The Master Bathroom sink area:

I am completely jealous of her granite and cabinets!
Master Tub Area.  You can't see it in this picture, but to the far left, is a small fireplace!

Her kitchen cabinets go all the way up to the top of her 14 foot ceilings!  The top cabinets will be for display only.

Her home will truly be magazine-worthy when it is finished!


Friday was spent watching the worst second half of a ballgame ever.

If we could have just stopped the ballgame at half-time, things would have been completely different.

Auburn played a good game and congratulations on the undefeated season and all of your accomplishments....yadda, yadda, yadda.

No, I'm not bitter...why do you ask?


We had big plans to get a lot accomplished on Saturday, but that all changed when Marty got called into work first thing in the morning....

and was gone ALL.DAY.LONG!

No, I'm not bitter about that either...why do you ask?


I have a ton to do this week, which includes decorating for Christmas.  

Yes, I do realize the tree has been up for over a week, and YES I realize nothing has been done...

BUT, we do have good excuses....and I will save that for another post.  


(Oh, and after reading last year's Thanksgiving post, I totally realized my tree WAS up before Thanksgiving too!  So much for this being the first year ever to have my tree up before Thanksgiving, huh?)


I hope you all have a wonderful, fantastic, productive and stress-free week!

Oh, and if it's not too much to ask, could you please pray that I don't loose my mind, temper or my job this week?  Working the day after a long holiday in a doctor's office is a nightmare and I'm not sure I am prepared!
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