Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday again and another chance for me to show what I am thankful for!

This week I am thankful for my wonderful family!  

Last week was a very upsetting week for the family, especially Jameson, and my wonderful sister, nieces and great nieces and great nephews, invited us to a day of family fun!  First, we made a trip to the Anniston Museum of Natural History.  We were shocked to find the museum extra-crowded on a week day, but because of Veteran's Day, the museum was open for free!  


Despite the crowds, we all had a great time and we all learned some things in the process!

After the museum, we picked up some fantastic pizza and headed to Oxford Lake for a picnic.  The kids played forever on the playground equipment and then we went to feed the ducks.


 (Kacie is SO going to kill me for this picture! HaHa!)

Jameson laughed and smiled all day long!  It was the perfect thing for all of us!

I am so thankful that the majority of our family lives so close and we can do things together!

I am also thankful for another very special birth!

For those of you who have been reading me for some time, you may remember this post where I asked for prayers for some special friends who lost their little girl, Allie, to Trisomy 18.  I even have a little button on my left sidebar that takes you to her story.  Well yesterday, Susan, Michael, and big brother Mason, welcomed little sister REESE to the family. I say little sister, but Reese weighed a whopping 9#'s 11oz and was 21" long and is perfectly healthy!  

Praise the Lord!

No pictures yet, but everyone who's seen her says she is just precious!  Of course, with parents like Susan and Michael, she would have to be adorable!

Mama had a pretty rough time yesterday, so if you would, could you please say a little prayer for Susan's speedy recovery?  I just HATE she had such a rough time....she's been through so much and deserves nothing but happiness!

I hope you all have a wonderful and thankful rest of the week!


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