Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mama's Mumblings

I've got a bunch of stuff running around in my head right now, so I thought it would be a good day for another installment of Mama's Mumblings!

Since Christmas is just right around the corner, I have tried to get my craft on and finish some of my presents early.  I decided to make my scrapbook paper ornaments again for my co-workers and a few family and friends. So Thursday, I spent most of the day cutting and curling my papers.  Needless to say, my dining room table was a wreck by the end of the day....

I definitely need a craft room!

We had great company last night!

Miss Mallory decided to come over and eat supper with us last night to celebrate her 1 month birthday....and she decided to let her mommy and daddy come too.  I have an adorable picture of the new parents, but I need to get it approved first...haha!

We had a great time, and ate until we were ready to explode.

We did figure out that one certain eight year old would NOT handle having another baby in this house.  To say he was jealous is a tad bit of an understatement.

We tried to convince Julie and Clay to just leave her with us, but they were being selfish and decided to take her home.  You would think they love her or something. HaHa


I almost went to Wal-Mart last night at midnight to get a copy of this...

You know, because Chelsea wants it so bad.

But, I ended up falling asleep in the chair about 11:30 last night, so I never made it.

I will be getting it today, however.

You know, for Chelsea.

I still don't have my Christmas decorations up.  Our tree has been up since before Thanksgiving, but the top half of the lights just didn't work anymore.  So, Marty spend about three hours cutting all the broken lights off the tree.

I bought more lights to put back on the tree, but once they were up, we realized we needed a TON more.  We got some more, and they are now on the tree, but that's as far as we have made it.   Marty was able to get everything out of the attic last night, so hopefully we can do some decorating tomorrow after Church.

I am planning on adding some subtle color to the dining room for Christmas.  I'm thinking a pale blue to go with the brown, white and black.  I am making several scrapbook paper ornaments to go in there, but I'm not having any luck finding store-bought ornaments in the color I'm looking for.  All the blues I'm finding have a teal-base to it.  I may end up just using my hand-made ornaments and ribbon.

Chelsea had her first bell-ringing concert of the season on Wednesday.  They did fantastic!

  Chelsea and Miss Megan getting ready to go!

 Here's half of the group getting ready to start.

Chelsea got to direct for the first time this year!  She did great!

The Church members trying to play the songs.  It's definitely not as easy as it looks!

Chelsea's precious teacher, Mrs. Ingram.  We adore her!

 After the concert, all the kids got to eat at Taco Bell.  They had a BLAST!

They have three more concerts scheduled, and I am so happy that I am off work on all three days and can go.  We always look forward to these outings!

Well, that's been my week.  We are off to help my sister-in-law move into her gorgeous new house!
I hope you all have a calm and peaceful weekend!

Love you all!

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