Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We couldn't waste a beautiful day, could we?

This weekend was one of the most incredibly gorgeous weekends we've had in 2011.  Blue skies, warm sun and cool breezes.  The perfect weather to accomplish many home-improvement projects...right?

Well one project that I've wanted to accomplish since before moving into this house has not been done because the weather has to be just perfect.....

Painting the front door.

(Pardon the mess.  We are in pre-Spring mode...haha)

It can't be too hot, too cold, humid, rainy, or windy, and you have to make sure somebody will be able to be home ALL DAY LONG to make sure no robbers get into your

Ever since we started building this house, I've always wanted a black front door.

Well, actually I really wanted one of these wrought iron with movable glass front doors:

But with a 12 week lead time, and costing thousands of dollars, it just wasn't meant to be.  So I choose a front door with tons of glass, panels, and wrought iron.

I love my front door, but I've always wanted it black.

Saturday the weather was great, and I just happened to pick up a couple of cans of black gloss spray paint and painter's tape... it was perfect timing!

My super-strong hubby took the surprisingly heavy door down and prepped it for painting.

The first paint goes on!

Jameson had the most important job.....keeping the neighborhood dogs out of the house!
Fully painted and drying in the sun.

And here she is!  Just like I hoped it would look!

 (The finish is extremely smooth...the reflection on the shape of the door makes it look splotchy in the pictures.)

I LOVE my black door!  I just can't believe it took us over 3 years to do it.

We are planning on covering the foundation with stacked rock and pour the steps this spring/summer and we may actually get to start landscaping soon!

We may finish this house yet!

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