Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mama's Mumblings

I hope that all of y'all have had a wonderful and fantastic Easter weekend!
It seemed like we were running for most of the time, so I didn't have time (or brainpower) to do much blogging.

As you can see, I've got a new look!

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Thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers for our niece, Shelby!

Her back and arm seems to be healing well, but we will know more after her visit to the plastic surgeon this week.   We have LOVED getting to spend a ton of quality time with Shelby and her mom, Penny, over the past week....it's just too bad it took an accident to make it happen.  We've really missed a lot over the past several years!  Don't ever take your friends and family for granted!


And finally, since my brain is completely fried after a LONG day at work, I'll end this post with some pictures from this beautiful Easter weekend!

 The Easter Bunny came!

Chelsea showing off her Steven Tyler necklace (yes, she likes him)

How much stuff can ONE Lego kit have in it?

No clue what Jameson is looking at..lol!

My diva!

Miss Mallory's first Easter!

Our family photo!  (Even though Marty isn't looking at the camera....at least his eyes are OPEN! LOL)

Miss Mallory and her daddy, Clay.

 Tons of food!

See below for explanation...lol

This is our niece, Stephanie (from The Life of a Farmer's Wife) and she's having a baby!  She colored the inside of the cheesecake blue to let us know she's having a BOY!  It was SO FUNNY with everybody trying to swipe a cheesecake to find out the sex first!

The Three Amigo's! Jameson (L) is 8, Nathanial (center) is 9, and Braxton (R) is 7.  Yeah, They grow them BIG in Braxton's family!  LOL


I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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