Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh yeah, Happy Mother's Day, too!

Thank you for your patience over the past two weeks.  The Blogging community has been FANTASTIC, PHENOMENAL, INCREDIBLE, UNBELIEVABLE in it's efforts to raise awareness and funds for our state's plight.  The sheer effect social media as a whole during this time of need has just been beyond amazing.  And the spirit of giving and helping from our fellow man has been beyond anything I've ever seen.  It has been said on the Toomers for Tuscaloosa FB page:
"The volunteers like you have come in the thousands. We assumed that happened in all catastrophes, but FEMA says this is something special like they never see."
Well, you are dang right....that's because WE ARE ALABAMA and will not sit by and watch our neighbors suffer!

Two bloggers that I know personally, have really just blown me away by all they are doing to help the tornado victims:

Rachel @ Grasping for Objectivity has started the Mommies helping Mommies fund that 100% of the money raised will go directly to buying formula, food, and diapers for these families. Rachel has also been very instrumental in using social media to raise awareness during this time of crisis.
Rachel, you ROCK girl!

And then there is Kim from Live from the 205.
Goodness gracious, Kim has been a MAD WOMAN.  She's spends her entire day buying, packaging and delivering much needed supplies to anyone who needs them, all over the state.  She's also trying to help the many animal shelters that have also been affected by the storms.
                         Kim has also started the WATER (We are Alabama Tornado Emergency Relief) fund.
She is using these funds to buy supplies for all of those in need.
I am literally in AWE of Kim and her untiring efforts!

Like I said before, I personally know these two amazing ladies and am 100% sure that any funds donated through them will absolutely go to those who really need it.

And the Christian Service Mission has set up a wish list on that includes hundreds items that are desperately needed for those families who have lost everything. All you have to do is purchase items from this wish list, and they’ll be shipped directly to the mission, who will immediately deliver them to the dozens of communities that have been devastated by these tornadoes.


Oh yeah, let's not forget, it's MOTHER'S DAY!

It has been a good weekend, and we've really been blessed by Marty actually being home for a few days.  We've really missed him being around while he's been on storm duty.

The kids outdid themselves on the "cards" they made for me:

And Jameson also made me an incredibly sweet note using all the letters of the alphabet.  I love my kids so much!

And Marty may have overdid it a bit, too:

We spent the day with my mother and Marty's mother and had a really great day!

Jameson working really hard on the finishing touches to his cards he made for both his grandmothers.

My Chelsea-Belle!  She's the one that made me a mommy first! :o)

My precious Mama!

My wonderful mother-in-law!

Me and my precious little man!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, soon-to-be moms, hope to be moms, moms who have lost their children, single dads who also serve as moms, friends and relatives who are raising children whose moms couldn't, foster moms, adoptive moms, and fur-baby moms out there!
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