Monday, July 18, 2011

Button Monogram

I just thought I would show all of you a project that I actually didn't get from Pinterest.

Well, I don't guess I could say that completely....

I originally found this project on a blog many months ago, but all the button monograms that are all over Pinterest got my creative juices flowing and made me want to actually finish it.

Here is my inspiration piece:

I've had this photo saved forever, and have had the buttons to make this since I first saw the picture.

Britt, from A Penny Saved, gives a fantastic tutorial on exactly how to make this, so if you would like to make your own, just go there...she does a way better job that I ever could, and her photos are fantastic!

I made the button letter a few months ago, but I couldn't find the "perfect" frame for it.  I tried to make it work in a square frame, an oval frame, and a plain ol' rectangular frame.

Nothing seemed to work.

Finally, I remembered an el-cheapo plastic frame I found at the thrift store a while back.  I pulled it out and tried the letter...

It was perfect!

Well, except for the tacky plastic gold color.  

Nothing that a little can of oil-rubbed bronze spray paint can't fix!

After painting, I inserted some gorgeous French script scrapbook paper and attached my button monogram...
And here she is:
I think it turned out perfect (for me).

So, for about $4.00, I have a unique monogram to hang {somewhere} in my home!

Has Pinterest inspired you to complete any projects?

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