Monday, August 1, 2011

Calm weekends are SO overrated!

Hey everybody!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

I was excited because this was supposed to be a calm, uneventful, 3-day weekend with hubby and the kids.  Marty was off and we didn't have anything planned except for catching a movie or two.

Well, first thing Friday morning, we got a frantic phone call about my niece Shelby.  She was in a lot of pain, and was headed to the emergency room.  We were scared to death for her, and I got there as fast as I could.  Once there, we waited and waited and waited.  It's a good thing she wasn't in any pain or anything...


Finally, they got her back to a room and poked and prodded around for a while, and after about 6 hours, they told her she had a kidney stone.  But it was OK, because it had passed into the bladder and may or may not come out at anytime.

OK, so that's good to know....I think.

At least she was feeling better, and got to go home and rest for the rest of the day.  Oh, and she did pick up some snazzy new footwear in the process.


Saturday consisted of Marty cutting grass and then running over a yellow jacket's nest and getting attacked by a swarm of them.

Around the same time, I was attempting to scrape up some Scentsy wax from the kitchen floor (I love the product, but it is DANGEROUS around my house), lost my balance, and cracked the back of my head on the outside edge of the island, bashed my elbow, and bit my lip.

Needless to say, Marty and I didn't leave our recliners for the rest of the evening.


Sunday morning started bright and early with a phone call, calling Marty into work, AGAIN.  Followed by another phone call from my sister-in-law thinking her daughter, Stephanie (our niece) (from Life of a Farmer's Wife) may be having pre-term labor.  She was 32 weeks pregnant; not due until September 26th.  

A little while later, I get a second phone call letting me know she was going to deliver and the baby was breech!  After several phone calls and texts to everyone in the family, we find out she is getting prepped for a C-section.

The next thing we know, baby Reed is here, weighing in at 3# 8oz, and 16" long.  He was transferred to a hospital with a NICU that is more equipped to handle preemies. He is (at the time of my typing this) doing great and breathing on his own!

I know they would appreciate any thoughts and prayers you could send their way.  Having a preemie is not something I would wish on my worst enemy!


Now that it is already Sunday night, I am wondering where my calm, uneventful long weekend went?

Who needs that?  Calm weekends are SO overrated!
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