Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Days one and two under their belts!

Well, both kids survived their first and second days of school!

Jameson was SO nervous!  He stayed up past 10:00 the night before and was definitely not ready to get up yesterday morning.  He barely ate any breakfast and took his own sweet time brushing his teeth and getting dressed.  Since it was the first day, he wanted to make sure he was stylin'.

We managed to survive the horrible first-day-of-school traffic, and find a parking spot....only to realize we were about 20 minutes early.  HAHA

We sat in the car and talked for a while, and then Jameson decided he was ready to go in.

He recognized a few faces, including our next-door neighbor, Spencer, and settled in quickly.

When I picked him up, he said he had a good day and he really liked his teacher. 


Today went pretty much the same, but it took him even longer to get up and get dressed for school.  Needless to day, we didn't get there 20 minutes early today!


After I walked Jameson to class yesterday, I zoomed across the street, and caught Chelsea just as she was getting out of Mama's car.  She was only a tiny bit nervous, but really excited to get this year started!  She was sleepy though, because she stayed up half the night watching some Country Music show, that happened to have her new "man", Scotty McCreery on it.  LOL

She met up with her long-time buddy, Megan.

She had a GREAT day!  She is working in the lunch room this year, and had a great time doing that!

She also had a fantastic day today and can't wait to go back tomorrow.

I'm praying that the rest of the year goes just as well for BOTH of them!


Thank you all for your super-sweet comments on yesterday's post!

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