Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lego Men were almost the death of me!

You see these little guys:

I got more comments on these than anything else at Jameson's birthday party.  Everything from "Did you make these?", "You mean, you can actually EAT them?", "What are they made of?", "Why is it called white chocolate if it's red, blue, and yellow?", and my favorite 'Why don't they have faces?"  Lots and lots of questions about these little suckers.

Several months ago, I found these molds online.  Little did I know how much drama they would cause!

Photos from

I ordered both sets and thought it would be cute to try to make some little white chocolate Lego men and Lego blocks for Jameson's party.  The PLAN was to make a few of the minifigs and use the Lego block mold to make the majority, because the blocks are just one solid color (read: easier to do).  Well, after unmolding the first batch, I realized it wouldn't work.  The block mold just wouldn't work for white chocolate.  No matter how much I banged the mold and  thinned the chocolate, I just couldn't seem to get all the holes to fill in solid.  I had one hot mess! 

Fortunately (I think), the little Lego men looked fantastic!  So, the decision was made to use the rest of my white chocolate to make little Lego men.

They were SUCH A PAIN!  I wanted them to look "real" (well, as real as Lego men can look...haha), so I had to do each color separately.  The pants and the shirt weren't too bad, but the head and those itty-bitty hands were so hard.  There is no way I could ever be a baker, candy maker, or cake designer like Bakerella.  I would loose my ever-loving mind!  HAHA!

I only had 16 molds, and I needed to make at least 72 men to put on top of the that's a lot of tedious mold-making going on!  HAHA!

Well, dumb me decided to store all of the newly molded Lego men in a zip-lock bag.  What I didn't think about was that the pieces would start rubbing together and smearing the colors.  So, I dumped them all out and started individually washing each one, trying to get them to cleaned off.  Being the impatient person I am, I got tired of washing them one at a time, and decided to dump a bunch of them in a bowl of water. Chaos followed:

I think the water may have been a little too warm.


So, I kicked it in to high gear, and started making more of those little suckers!  I may have channeled my frustrations into my work a little too well, as I soon noticed I was squeezing the bag so hard, my chocolate was shooting out the TOP of the bag......and landing on my poor, innocent Lego men laying below:

(This is just one of the casualties...Jameson ate the others.)

Eventually, after working ALL DAY LONG, I had enough Lego men for the cupcakes.  They weren't perfect, but I think they turned out pretty cute.

(This is my super-special, jersey shirt-wearing, Lego man)

 (After I finished with all of the Lego men, I did manage to make a couple good Lego blocks)

If anyone would like me to make these for an upcoming party, just let me know.  I will be glad to do them for you, for the price of $1,000 per dozen.  :o)

I hope you all are having a fantastic week!
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