Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mama's Mumblings

It's officially Fall, y'all!  And believe it or not, I have NOTHING decorated yet!  I know it's a shock to all of you.  HAHA!  I'm not "Slacker Mama" for nothing, you know.

I have been working on a few things, I just haven't gotten around to finishing them.

The story of my life!

I am determined to at least get "my legs" out of my dining room, and on the front porch by this weekend. 

Even though we have sort-of gotten used to seeing in them now.  The first twenty or thirty times we walked by, they did scare the mess out of all of us.  LOL

I'm also working on a banner to go on the mantle.

I'm trying to run with the "witch's legs" thing.  Hopefully it will work out well!


I am thrilled to death that I found some foam pumpkins at Target that were only $6.00!  All of the others I've been finding are $15-$28 each!  I hated to spend the money, but it's a whole lot cheaper to buy these and reuse them, than buy fresh pumpkins every year.  Fresh pumpkins do NOT do well in our climate anyway.  One little hole, cut, puncture, or's rotted within 24 hours. I'm trying to figure out what to do with those, as well.


I, along with millions of other people, woke up to a little surprise yesterday morning:

I mean, PLEASE PEOPLE, can't you just leave well enough alone?  I finally figure it out, and then I have to learn it all over again!
However, later someone posted this on their wall that really puts everything into perspective:

(Photos from Facebook)

So, I guess I will just shut-up about all that now.  LOL


One day, I will learn to keep my mouth shut.  As Chelsea and I were headed to Stephanie's shower on Saturday, I was telling Chelsea how happy I was that Jameson hadn't been sick the past week.  For the past three years, Jameson has missed school the week after his birthday because of being sick.  Well, no sooner had we gotten to the shower, I get a phone call from Marty letting me know Jameson had a fever and was throwing up.

**slapping forehead**

Remind me not to ever, ever, ever open my big, fat mouth again!

Jameson had a couple of rough days, but is on the mend and made it back to school yesterday.  He is still ill as a hornet, though.


I was excited to see the new series the X-Factor last night.

(Photo from here)

I really wanted to like it, but just wasn't that impressed with it.  It was just a little too much American Idol mixed with America's Got Talent for me.  I was most disturbed by the man who got on the stage to sing, and then proceeded to remove his pants and underwear and shake his "stuff" all over the stage.  I understand being surprised by the person doing this, but they allowed him to continue for several minutes without stopping him. Where was security?  Fortunately for the television audience, his "stuff" was covered, but there were MANY children in the live audience who saw him in all his glory.  It completely amazes me what people will do for ratings!


I hope you all are having a wonderful week and hopefully I will finish some things and get to share with you!

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