Monday, December 5, 2011

Trying to get our craft on

This weekend, I was in a definite crafty mood.  After two trips to Hobby Lobby, my house is covered in tons of craft-related things.  But like most things, I started a ton of projects, but haven't finished any of them.

It's the story of my life.

Shelby came over after Church on Sunday and she felt like getting crafty, too!
That darn Pinterest has our brains spinning around in circles with all of the neat things we want to make.  Every few minutes, we are finding new things we want to create.  Right this second, I have the materials to do at least 15 different crafts I've seen on Pinterest.  Today we couldn't wait and got to actually crafting!

Here are a few things we made:

These are precious!  Everybody with young children seems to be doing the whole "Elf of a Shelf" thing, and these are little treats just for them.  Shelby worked really hard on these little cuties!

These are cheerios dressed up to look like doughnuts. (I have no clue why I made the sign say 'Cookies'.  I didn't even realize it until just this second.  HAHA!)

Aren't they adorable?  Now all we need is a teeny-tiny cup of coffee to go with them!

Here are some little snowmen ornaments I made using fake snow and socks.

And here are the "Pledge and glitter on the inside" ornaments that are all over Pinterest now.

Both of these ornaments were super quick and easy to make....but really messy!

And here are the tags I'm making for some of the kid's Christmas treats to give to their classmates.
  I'm using the test tubes like I did for Halloween. The kids seemed to get a real kick out of them, so I thought I would try something similar again.

And here is a picture of part of the Christmas banner I made to hang on the mantle.  This is the project I was working on when I burnt 6 of my 10 fingers.  (stupid glue gun)  I'll try to get better pictures when we actually have some sunlight and I've actually finished decorating the mantle. HaHa

It says "Believe".

I hope you all have a wonderful and fantastic week!!


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