Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mama's Mumblings

It's only Tuesday!  Can I please hit a fast-forward button to the weekend?


The weather has finally cooled off around here....by just a little bit.  It still doesn't feel like February. Our poor plants around here are so confused.  We have grass starting to grow and flowers starting to bloom.  If it gets too cold now those poor things don't stand a chance.  It sure would be nice if we could get just a teeny-tiny bit of snow before Spring is in full bloom, though.


Chelsea absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED her new painting from Kim!!!  She now calls Kim her new "best friend". 

Kim, I hope you are up for the challenge!  HAHA!


Marty has decided to go ahead and take the steps to pursue the new job.  Even though there will be some challenges if he does get the job, we feel that in the long run, it will be better for Marty and for our family.  If you have a few minutes, could you send some good thoughts and/or prayers his way?  He still has a way to go in the whole process and we are praying things will move smoothly.


We have a very heavy heart this week.  One of Marty's sisters, Connie, lost her mother-in-law this week, Mrs. Gilmer.  (She was also Stephanie's, from The Life of a Farmer's Wife, grandmother)  Mrs. Gilmer has always been a fixture in all of Marty's family gatherings.  She was an incredible woman and will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her!

(Connie's photo, I will remove it if I need to!)


I hope you all have a wonderful and SPEEDY week!

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