Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sometimes God has other plans.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Marty's recent job interview.

Unfortunately, he did not get the job.  They told him his interview was perfect and they could tell he knew his materials very well.  I guess God has other plans for him and his career.

Marty wasn't phased in the least.  He already has a fantastic job, doing something he likes and knows a lot about, and he loves his current crew.  Things are working like a well-oiled machine in his current crew.  What more could he ask for?

He really doesn't want to leave his crew right now.  But, he is also smart enough to realize that he can't work the extremely tough, manual labor that his job requires, for the rest of his life.  It's tough being on call 24/7, working for many, many hours in a row, going days without descent sleep, and working in any and all kinds of weather situations.  He really just wanted to try to get somewhere where he wasn't beating his body to death every single day.  BUT, he will still do his current job just as thoroughly as always.  God will reveal His plan for Marty in His due time.

Of course, being the hot-head that I am...I did not handle the news very well and was very thankful I had company coming this afternoon.  I channeled my angry/hurt energy into cleaning this house from top to bottom!  So, if anybody wants to visit, now would be the time! HAHA!

I think I am just hurt (for Marty) because in January, he was completely and totally happy with his job situation.  He had ZERO intention of leaving his post at anytime in the near future.  Then, they contacted him and strongly encouraged him to apply for the job.  He did, after much discussion, thought, and prayer, and then spent the next 7 weeks in a holding pattern waiting on some news.  That's eight total weeks of our lives wasted on nothing...when he was already 100% happy with his current situation.  It just doesn't seem fair.  

But I guess life isn't fair, is it?

I hope one day, I can be as mature about these situations as Marty has been.  HAHA!

Anyway, thank you all again for being the absolute best friends ever!  I love you all!!

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