Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mama's Mumblings

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week!  It's been busy, as usual, around here.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayers, and good wishes about Marty's job interview.  He said he feels like it went very well.  The morning of the interview, he was so calm....which is totally unlike him.  HAHA!  I was a complete and total basket case, however.  I got up before he did and I never could go back to sleep.

He looked SO handsome.

(This was after he got home...he didn't want his shirt to get wrinkled, so he didn't put it on until he got there..haha!)

I think they should give him the job on his looks, alone.  HAHA! 

(This is appropriate attire for the job interview he attended. They wanted him to wear what he would wear daily for this job.)

I don't think I took a good breath until I heard from him after it was over.  Now we just have to wait.  We hope to hear something before the weekend.  :o)


We did something really fun today.  We went and picked strawberries at a local farm!

Today was gorgeous and could not have been more perfect to be outside!  The kids had a blast and we got 2 gallons of home-grown strawberries.

(I may have had a little bite)

This is Mrs. Pat.  This is her and her husband's farm  Chelsea works with Mrs. Pat in the lunchroom and they are big buddies!


 If you live in my area and want some fabulous straight-off-the-vine strawberries, make sure you stop by Watt's Farm quickly!  They are going fast!


I forgot to mention that we all (the family) went to see The Hunger Games last Friday.

Photo from HERE
I was the only one in the group who had read the books, but everybody loved the movie!  I was a little disappointed that the movie wasn't able to develop a lot of the relationships that the books did, but the movie would have to have been 10 hours long to do that.  I felt it stayed pretty true to the book, so that is always a great thing.  If you haven't read the books, I highly recommend them!

Oh and for the record....I'm TEAM KATNISS!  Forget the boys, I'm rooting for the strong, independent female!


Remember when I wrote about our problems with CVS/Caremark last week?  When I talked to the customer service representative last Tuesday, I was told Marty's meds would be shipped "Express" so we should have them in 1-2 days.  Well, fast-forward 6 days later and we still have no meds.  I call them again, and they tell me that there was another mistake, and his meds were NOT shipped "express" and didn't know why they told me they would.  Not only were they not shipped express, we were CHARGED FOR THE REPLACEMENT MEDS!

By this time I have completely lost my mind!  So, once I finished my conversation, I spent the next 2 hours typing complaint letters to the Alabama Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau.  I also typed a few snarky Tweets to CVS/Caremark.  They sent me a message and asked me to "Direct Message" them my problem and would make sure it was taken care of.  In other words...."Don't be putting this mess out there for the world to see what big screw ups we really it in private so we can cover it up!".  Well, they got about 50 DM's from me, explaining exactly what my problem was, what incompetence had been shown by the entire staff and that I was taking this above their heads.  They replied by their same "So sorry" crap, and asked for my e-mail address so somebody could contact me immediately.  Well, surprise, surprise, I've not heard ONE SINGLE THING from CVS/Caremark...BUT somehow, all of my DM's to CVS/Caremark are gone!  How is that possible when I'm the one who wrote them?  Thank goodness for e-mail confirmations and and screen shots!

We did FINALLY receive Marty's medicine on Tuesday...23 days after initially reporting the loss and 61 days after the last shipment was originally sent.  And now we can't receive any more meds until after June 14th!  So that means from January 2012 until June 2012, CVS/Caremark will only supply us with 90 pills.  Oh, make that 97 pills....they mentioned they could get us "7 free pills" from our local CVS pharmacy, but it would be taken out of our next shipment (so basically, they aren't free...we would be paying for them at the time of our next shipment, paying the same copay for less number of pills).  I find it odd that none of the other 5 customer service representative mentioned the "7 free pills" during my conversations with them over the past three weeks.  Even though we finally did get Marty's medicines, they have DEFINITELY not heard the last of this family! 

 I normally never complain, but every single step of this process has been mismanaged.  I am thankful that I work with insurance with my job, so I know what I am doing (or at least I thought I knew what I was doing).  But what about the people who don't know what to do?  If Marty had to do this, instead of me, he wouldn't have even known where to start.  What about all the elderly people out there who are having to wait weeks for heart medications?  Chemo?  What is going to take for somebody to fix this system?  Is somebody going to have to die?  There needs to be a system of checks and balances that these mail order companies have to abide by.  Who makes sure they are doing things correctly?  If a local pharmacy would have made the same mistakes, they would be audited and fined.  Does anybody at CVS/Caremark even know what happened with our case other than the customer service representatives who read our file?  I want answers, resolutions, and an apology...but most of all, I want the system FIXED so nobody else has to go through this mess again!

**Stepping off my soapbox...for now**


Whew!  Sorry for the rant!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!

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