Monday, March 26, 2012

Who is this man in my house?

Thankfully, it was just my husband!

Seven weeks ago, Marty applied for a different job within his same company.  He decided to wait about getting a haircut until he found out if he got an interview or not.  He wanted to be nice, clean-cut looking for the interview (if he was fortunate enough to get an interview).  Well, like I said, that was SEVEN weeks ago, so his hair had started getting a little out of hand.
See examples:

Sorry for the bad cell phone picture

His hair and his beard grew so fast, and changed his looks so much, that a co-worker (who Marty only sees periodically) didn't even recognize him when he saw him Friday night.

Well, this weekend he finally decided it was time to do something about it.

This was after his hair cut, but before the taming of the beard had begun:

Being silly.

Here he is, having a little fun with the facial hair:

I think he looks like Paul Senior from West Coast Choppers in this one.  HAHA!

No mustache, partial beard:

And finally, all the long beard/mustache is gone!

And here we have a nice hair cut and a clean shave! 



I swear, I felt like there was a different man in my house!

Oh, and the reason for the drastic change?

He has his interview on Wednesday!

Your good thoughts and prayers would be appreciated!

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