Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Treats!

As usual, I made Easter treats for my kiddo's classes.

Pinterest had SO many super-cute and crafty ideas, but I managed to contain myself and just make two things.

The first thing was this:



It's a Do-it-yourself S'mores kit using Peeps!  The tag on the front says "You're one of my favorite Peeps!"  The tag on the back gives the instructions for making your very own Peep S'mores.

(Original Idea from HERE)

I thought these were so cute when I first saw the idea on Pinterest.  However, they were really messy to make and the more I touched them, the messier they got.  Right now, most of the bags have a ton of graham cracker crumbs and Peep sugar in them. HAHA!

Then, I just decided to make more of my M and M filled tubes using Easter M and M's.

These are just so fun and easy to make!  And other than the M and M sorting, they are really quick to make, too!


**Update on Jameson**

I got the call this afternoon that Jameson does have mono.  THANK YOU GOD!  I know it is strange that I would be "happy" my child had mono, but his NP and I were really worried that there was something much worse going on because of his atypical (lack of) symptoms.  Fortunately, all of his lab work was completely normal, except for his mono titers.

God is Good....ALL THE TIME!


I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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