Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mama's Mumblings

Hey y'all!

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful week, so far.


I've finally caught up on most of my orders.  I finished applying the vinyl to the last two glass frames and just mailed out my last 3 packages. 


Here are a few of the things I've finished this week:

These are candy wrapper covers I made for this beautiful young lady's graduation.  Her mother found me on Pinterest and sent me an e-mail asking if I could make these for her.  I think they turned out really cute!

This is a frame I made as a goodbye gift for a special co-worker who is leaving on Friday.  The plan was to give it to her Tuesday, but I was unexpectedly off work that day. (More on that later).  That just gives me an excuse to see her and give it to her in person.

This is another split letter monogram. Megan saw this on the blog and e-mailed me about making one for her family.  I LOVE doing these!  This is going all the way to Illinois.  I really hope Megan loves this!

This is for my great friend, Beth.  She was one of my very first orders, but I've been trying to find the frame she wanted for the past three weeks!  I finally found one and finished it up today.

I'm still working on a few things for friends.  Things that aren't just cut-and-dry.  I have to practice and think on these things, so it takes me a while longer to get those done.  LOL

Jameson has a request in for me to make him some signs for his room that deal with Minecraft and he's also requested a t-shirt.  It's sad that my own family has to stand in line to get some things made.  HAHA!


As I mentioned above, Tuesday did not go as planned.  Marty woke up at 4:30 am with chest pain.  He's had issues with pulled muscles, reflux, gallbladder, etc..., but said this pain was different than anything he's ever experienced before.  Needless to say, we were all a little freaked out.  After a trip to the emergency room and the doctor's office, it was determined that his heart was in good shape and he wasn't having a heart attack.  However, they still aren't sure what the problem is.  He's going to have some additional tests next week, so we hope to have some answers then.


I've experienced two things that I've never done before this week.

I cashed/deposited a money order and sent an invoice through PayPal.  I know, I know...dullsville.  But I thought both were pretty neat!  LOL


Sweets the cat, has a problem.  She's addicted to her cat treats.  If we would let her, she would eat nothing but cat treats and never touch her food.  She's started this cute thing where she jumps on the counter, puts her paws on our chest (hugging us) and then "gives us kisses".  She thinks by doing this, she will get a treat.  Well, when she first started doing it, it was so stinkin' cute, she did get a treat.  But now, every time we walk into the kitchen, she tries to do it so she will get treats.  The final straw came when she had so many cat treats (not that many, really), she actually threw up.  So now she's being restricted on how many she gets per day.

She doesn't like that at all.  You may see her on an episode of "Intervention" pretty soon.


My car hit a milestone the other day:

Look at ALLLLLLLL those 7's!!  Too bad I'm not in Vegas!


I hope you all have a wonderful and fantastic rest of the week!!

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