Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We all survived the first day of school!

Despite his huge bundle of nerves, Jameson said he had a great first day of school.  So far, he really likes his teacher and is thrilled that several of his friends are in his class.  It's just day one, but I'm praying the rest of the year goes well!

It was rough getting up this morning, but we actually made it to school a little early.  Jameson wanted me to walk him to class and it just melted my heart!  It was bittersweet knowing this will probably be the last time he wants me to walk in with him.  They just grow up way too fast!

And now, pictures!

Jameson wanted his name on his backpack like this.  LOL

Getting his notebooks labeled.

And a little something for the teacher!

Here he is!  I just can't believe how big he is!  I mean, just look at him THREE SHORT years ago:


He's ready to go (sort-of).

Then we had to fight the horrible school traffic....in the FOG!

And here he is waiting to start the new school year!

I think Chelsea was a little jealous of her brother's attention, so she wanted me to take pictures of her, too!

She was so proud of her outfit.  She picked everything out by herself!

We (Marty was off today) waited in car rider line for an hour and finally picked up our little man.  He said he had a really good day and he thinks it's going to be a good year, except his shoes hurt his feet all day.  So, we headed to the store to get some new shoes.  

On the way home, he got really quiet. We thought he was upset with us about something, but when we turned around, this is what we saw:

Bless his heart!  Fourth grade must be ROUGH!  This is the child who NEVER naps, ever!  He didn't even nap when he had mono!  He slept until we got home, and then asked his daddy to carry him into the living room.  LOL  The nap must have been a good one because he was wide open for the rest of the day/evening.

It's been a good start, I just pray the rest of the year is even better!

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