Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Meeting Scotty McCreery, Part 2

Thank y'all so much for such a positive response to my post yesterday with the videos of Chelsea.  We have been blown away by your comments!  Chelsea and my mom just got wireless internet (my mom lives in the boonies), and they spent all day reading your sweet notes!  They really made our day!

I was hoping to be able to get some photos edited of the meeting, but it's not going to be possible to "fix" Chelsea's closed eyes.  So, we've decided to just embrace the closed-eyes pictures and post them for everyone to see

Coveted meet-and-greet passes!

The kids are ready!
 Between the guidelines/rules from the fan club and the concert hall, our hands were pretty tied when it came to cameras/photographs. Originally, we didn't think we could bring in a camera at all, but at the last minute, we were told we could bring in a non-removable lens camera (aka: a point-and-shoot).  Also, Scotty's manager took all the photos (except for all of the cell phone pictures I snuck in)   I am just thankful I did manage to get pictures.

My attempt at sneaking a photo.  Scotty caught me.  LOL
 And here are the "closed-eye" photos.  These are great pictures, except for the eyes.

The manager (who took all the pictures) said he had finally got one with her eyes open (I couldn't actually see the pictures).  This is that picture.  :/
He was really sweet and Chelsea was thrilled!

Since I did have a badge on, I thought I would get my picture made, too!

This is our seats.  I pre-ordered these, through the fan club, within minutes of them going on sale.  WORST.SEATS.THERE!  We were 5 rows from the very back.  There was NOBODY sitting behind us and the 6 rows in front of us were EMPTY, too!  Next time, I will DEFINITELY take my chances with Ticketmaster.  At least we had room to spread out.
 Paul McDonald (another fabulous American Idol alumni) also performed, accompanied by his wonderfully talented wife, Nikki Reed.  For you Twilight fans out there, you may recognize Nikki as the actress who played Rosalie Cullen.  What you may not know is that Nikki and Paul have written and made a beautiful album together.  We were blown away by their music! (You can order here)  Nikki was gracious enough to endure tons of fans, including myself.

Paul signing autographs.  This was as close as I could get to him.

I rushed back to our seats and asked Chelsea if she wanted to go meet Nikki (considering she is a huge Twilight fan), but surprisingly, she said "No!"  She later said she was scared she would miss one second of Scotty, and she just couldn't risk that.  HAHA!  However, Jameson asked if he could go meet her.

He was SO excited!  He said he couldn't wait to tell everybody he met a "really famous person." He even wants to go see Breaking Dawn, Part 2 now.  LOL

And of course, a couple of shots of what we came for....

Scotty put on a really great show!  He sang a mix of songs from his first album, his Christmas album, and songs originally performed by other artists.  He really had the concert hall hopping!

We all had a fantastic time and were so glad that Chelsea finally got to meet "her man"....and a few others along the way!
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