Monday, December 17, 2012

Meeting Scotty McCreery, Part 1

Friday night, Chelsea was able to have a dream come true.
She got to meet Scotty McCreery.

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Because of strict rules about photography and camera usage, I don't have a lot of "great" photos. All of my photos had to be made with my phone and a piece of junk point-and-shoot camera.  I've been trying to edit them as fast as I can, but I need some major editing on the "best" photos.  To be honest, I'm looking for someone who can edit Chelsea's eyes OPEN.  Every single stinking picture we have of her with Scotty, her eyes are closed.  Yes, she definitely takes after her daddy!

Anyway, until I can get that all figured out, I wanted to post some videos of the events of Friday, so you can see how completely excited she was.

PLEASE excuse my horrible accent, loud laughter, and just all-around annoying voice.  Just focus on Chelsea and the pure joy in her reactions!

(And of course, I can't get the best video to upload.  GRRRRRR! See if this link to my FB page will work:

Chelsea finding out she gets to meet Scotty McCreery.

 We really did have a fantastic time, and we even got to meet a very unexpected person....a Cullen!

Hopefully, I will be able to get some decent photos up within the next couple of days!   If I can't get the photos fixed, I will just post the ones I have.
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