Monday, March 11, 2013

A few more finished orders!

Hey friends!

Thank you all for being so patient with me over the past few weeks! My computer issues continue from my last post.  You know the new-ish computer I bought to replace my old faithful?  Well that little beauty only lasted 24 HOURS before it completely died! I'm telling you, for those few days, every electronic device I touched flaked out on me!  It has been really frustrating, especially since I have orders to finish and blog posts to write!  Fortunately, I have a band-aid on my old faithful, and thankfully, it's made it through the weekend (except when I started trying to upload the final picture to this blog post....2 hours and multiple reboots later, the blog post is finally finished. So much for getting to bed at a decent time) 

I have managed to finish a few orders and it's working well enough to actually upload and edit some pictures.  I have a lot of cell phone pictures of the past several days I want to share with you, but am impatiently waiting for them to make it from my phone to my computer.  Another blog post for another day, I guess.  Since I can't get those photos to upload, I'll share a few projects I've finished over the past couple of days.

I love this super-cool reflective vinyl!  I tested it out on this last-minute shirt and am in LOVE with how shiny it is!

These are quickly becoming my favorite thing to make. They are shadow boxes with sequins inside.  I made these for the craft show I did back in November and have made several more since then.  They are SO fun to play with!

These are monthly onesie stickers.  I didn't have any way to package them, so I cut these cool holders to put them in.

Another one of my split-letter monograms. This is a different style than I usually do.  It just has the last name with no other names/dates on it. I really liked the way it turned out.

These are shirts the 4th grade teachers asked me to make.  The pictures don't do the pink color justice.  The color is a super-bright neon pink.

When I saw this, I knew a certain young man would HAVE to have one.

We just love that Duck Dynasty family!

Well, since this blog post almost killed my computer (and my sanity), I think I will call it a night!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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