Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Still Slacking

Hey friends!

Yeah, I know...I posted last week about how I had been slow to write posts over the past few weeks.  As you all can tell, the slowness has continued.


I've been sick-as-a-dog since last week with some awful sinus-related stuff that has made me want to yank my eye out, cut my ear off, and pull every tooth in the right side of my face. I finally went to to the doctor on Monday and was given antibiotics, but it doesn't feel like they have kicked in at all. I'm hoping today is the day that things turn around...but it's not looking good, so far. I think absolute worst part of being sick has been calling in to work. Things are full-speed all the time at my office and I know it puts a huge burden on my co-workers to have to pick up my slack.  Trust me, I would MUCH rather be at work, than sitting here praying for my face to stop hurting!

I really need to stop complaining because there are SO MANY others that are suffering from FAR WORSE the complaining ends here. (maybe)

In the midst of feeling bad, I've had about 20 orders that I've been trying to complete for several customers. Right in the middle of the designing, my computer decides to start freaking out. I thought I had it fixed with a system restore, but have found that to just be a band-aid for the problem. I ended up having to get a new-ish computer, and have been frantically trying to get all my files transferred  before my old computer bites the dust. I will lose my mind if I end up losing all of the things I've designed over the past year, including all of my current orders!  (AND, while I was typing this, I somehow managed to accidentally delete my notes on my phone that had a list of ALL of my current orders on it.  GRRRRR)

So, if you are waiting on something from me, I will get it done!  It just may take a few extra days to get it to you!

I hope you all are having a much better week!
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